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JC Jazz

Key Points

  • J.C. Jazz is a three-piece musical unit, which consists of piano, double bass and drums. 
  • They have worked at Restaurants, Hotel Lounges, Reception Centres, Promotional/Corporate functions and a variety of private engagements.
  • The success of J.C. Jazz is due to the level of professionalism, not only in the music but also their dress sense and ability to adapt to the needs of our clients. 
  • J.C. is experienced in performing in large to small venues and is able to expand or contract in size depending on your needs e.g. the addition of Vocals (male or female), Trumpet, Trombone, Guitar and Saxophone.
  • Their repertoire consists mainly of music from the 30’s era to present day ‘easy listening’ music, making them perfect for dinners or any event that requires background music.

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