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Key Points for Jay Pottenger

  • Jay Pottenger has worked with some of the worlds biggest brands like eBay, Westpac, IAG & Woolworths.
  • Jay is a General Manager and entrepreneur with one of Australia’s leading mindfulness and mental health companies, EQ Minds.
  • He has walked your shoes as a corporate leader in the finance and banking industries.
  • An ex athlete, Jay has also trained as an economist, accountant and in mindfulness and meditation.

Topics for Jay Pottenger

  • High performance mindset
    Prepare for a session that's not only informative but enjoyable and engaging. Jay will lead your team through the art of prioritisation, the integration of healthy habits, and the tactical deployment of discipline—a playbook designed to help corporate professionals reset their mindset, hit their professional targets, and enrich their lives.
    Key themes: productivity, mindfulness, stress, culture
  • Optimising energy
    With the line between work and home life blurring, we face a world of constant connections and never ending demands. In this keynote, we will explore simple ways to shift your team’s mindset so they feel happier and healthier at work and in life. Your team will leave with techniques that will help them re-focus and find the right motivation to improve their mental and physical health.
    Key Themes: Energy, Focus, Culture, Stress, Mindfulness

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