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Key Points for Jason Bevan

  • Jason Bevan's tenure at Warner Bros epitomized pushing the boundaries of creativity, pioneering campaigns for iconic films including DC's Joker, Aquaman, and The Dark Knight, alongside blockbusters like Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts.
  • With a passion for unlocking individual creative potential, Jason mentors and inspires others to harness their creative prowess, driving innovation across industries.
  • From Disney in London to Warner Bros in Europe, Jason's influence transcends borders, spearheading large-scale creative events and ambitious stunts that captivate audiences worldwide.
  • Jason's expertise is sought after on global stages, from TED to the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, where he shares insights and perspectives on creativity, branding, and innovation for diverse audiences, earning him acclaim and respect within the creative industry.

Topics for Jason Bevan

  • Rocketfuel your organisation to conquer the world with creativity and innovation
    In today’s business world, we are competing for the same customers, talent, resources and technology. In an otherwise commoditized business environment, how can companies differentiate and have the competitive edge? Fostering a culture and framework for creativity and innovation is the proven #1 way to increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction and run a sustainable and profitable enterprise.
    This interactive keynote session with creativity and innovation expert Jason Bevan includes inspiring stories from 20 years working with top movies and their makers, offering practical and clear tools, along with audience interaction and a robust multi-media audience experience. Jason teaches about our own creative triggers, how to think exponentially and how to fly high for exponential growth and results.
  • Perfect your pitch: Hollywood storytelling secrets from major movies and award winning filmmakers 
    Ever wondered where all those amazing big movie ideas and stories come from……..? Jason reveals how the some of the best known film-makers, cast and studios he worked with come up with their iconic stories and how we can all use their simple, powerful techniques to rocket- fuel our own pitches and narrative.
  • Innervation keynote
    In his keynotes, Jason shares Hollywood insider secrets and inspiration from 18-years of working in the movie world. He demystifies how creative and innovative ideas are generated and provides clear steps and tools for tapping into our own creativity. This keynote will transform your thinking and help you identify what triggers your ideas. It will show you how to embed a culture of creativity into your organization in a fun, uplifting and movie-led experience.
  • Ideation masterclass
    Jason's masterclasses are tailored to clients' needs. He works with clients to help them to push their creativity exponentially, to remove barriers to traditional thinking with highly effective, straightforward tools, to help develop new ideas.


Testimonials for Jason Bevan

Jason, thanks so much for all your support during our offsite! The team is still talking about the session and the “war stories” you shared from the world of Hollywood. The entire team really enjoyed the insights we got from your session. If we can implement 10% of what we have learned it will already have a meaningful impact!
Boehringer Ingelheim, Berlin, Germany