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Key Points for Jansen Andre

  • Jansen Andre's commitment to a plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle sets him apart from other athletes, and he has become a master chef, opening up food trucks, restaurants, and cafes that offer some of the most delicious, healthy meals around.
  • Jansen is a successful entrepreneur, running four incredibly successful businesses, and his incredible drive and determination are a testament to his unstoppable spirit.
  • His talents go beyond his achievements as an athlete and chef, and he is also a sought-after photographer and videographer for some of the biggest fitness apps, magazines, and brands on social media.
  • Jansen's two cookbooks have sold thousands of copies worldwide, packed with delicious, nutritious recipes that show readers how to make healthy eating fun, accessible, and delicious. His fans couldn't be happier with his cookbooks, packed with rave reviews and testimonials from people inspired by his approach to healthy eating.
  • In 2023, Jansen will be seen as part of the cast on Channel 9's Summit Australia.

Topics for Jansen Andre

  • Never quit
    Jansen talks about how a strong mindset is imperative. Telling yourself “I can’t quit” is a mindset that can be powerful in helping us persevere through challenges and setbacks. When we adopt this attitude, we are telling ourselves that we are capable of overcoming obstacles and that we are committed to seeing through to the end.
    Jansen shows us that the mindset can help us stay motivated and focused, and can be especially useful when we are working towards a goal or trying to overcome a difficult challenge.
    Key takeaways:
    • A 10-step guide to overcoming any challenges.
    • Jansen uses his real-life examples to describe the impact of not giving up, and how it can pave your way to growth.
    • Through the power of storytelling, Jansen is able to connect to the audience on a relatable level that will inspire them to overcome obstacles and give them the determination to achieve their goals.
    • Audiences will walk away with greater confidence and self-belief in one's own abilities and potential for success.
  • Staying focused
    Explaining the concept of focus being able to concentrate on a specific task or goal without being distracted. Jansen goes into depth about why focus is so important and how GOOD focus is extremely powerful.
    Going into depth on personal experiences of failures and times of success, Jansen shares a life-changing moment and story that will leave the audience with a sense of hope. In this session, Jansen will also include audience participation whereby he gets members to challenge their focus by getting them to expose themselves to cold temperatures.
    Key takeaways
    • A 10-step guide on how to eliminate distractions and focus.
    • Audience will walk away with a greater understanding of how to create a conducive environment for success.
    • Jansen uses real-life examples and strategies to show the audience how they can improve their focus and get more clear on their vision.
  • The comfort zone
    What exactly is the comfort zone and why it is detrimental to our growth?
    Jansen goes in depth about pushing the boundaries every single day, in order to develop as a human and grow. Storytelling with real-life examples about how important it is to fail and make hard decisions daily.
    Key takeaways
    • Getting the audience to really think about what they want in life, and how they want to get there.
    • A guide to getting uncomfortable daily.
    • Jansen will also use the experience of the icebath on stage, getting the audience to get uncomfortable and control themselves.

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