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Key Points for Jamie Young

  • Brisbane Roar Goalkeeper since 2014.
  • A League goalkeeper of the year 2017/18.
  • Brisbane Roar Gary Wilkins Medallist 2017/18 (Highest honour awarded to a player at the Brisbane Roar).
  • Brisbane Roar Player’s Player of the Year 2017/18.
  • A League and PFA Team of the Year 2017/18.
  • PhD candidate researching the psychology of sports coaching (The only professional athlete in Australia undertaking a PhD).

Topics for Jamie Young

  • Experiences with depression
    How I battled with depression and strategies I used to over come anxiety, negative thoughts, negative influences, and self-doubt.
  • Rebuilding my life
    How anxiety and depression has lead me to have negative thoughts, anxiety, self-doubt, and feelings or anger.
  • My daily ritual
    Strategies I used to orientate or centre myself on a daily basis.

Testimonials for Jamie Young

 Jamie was professional, friendly and easy to work with. He was able to share his story while keeping the audience engaged with a few laughs here and there. We appreciate him working with us on this event.   
SPAR Australia

Jamie’s journey in reaching international sporting success has created a self-driven, highly motivated, passionate individual. Jamie has an inspiring story you need to hear if you’re developing a team or class group. He will get everyone thinking about the power of a positive mindset, instil resilience and leave the room buzzing with energy. Whether it’s on the field or off the field, you know you’ll always get 100% from Jamie.
The Richards Group