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Key Points for James Lamont

  • Comedy plays an important role, James performance is interlaced with one liners and it’s the glue that binds together the show.
  • James’s signature tricks involve inviting members of the audience perform feats of balance and strength. He does this by interlocking legs and arms to create humorous and compromising positions.
  • James’s objective throughout the entire show is to lift the spirit of the audience with laughter.
  • James enjoys surprising the audience with the unusual, from the ridiculous to the sublime.
  • Whether it’s keeping balls suspended in mid-air without using his hands playing the Xylophone by popping balls onto the right notes or while standing on one hand while juggling, everything James does flies in face of gravity, demonstrating control and skill while having a great laugh.

Topics for James Lamont

  • Comedy
  • Knife throwing
  • Acrobatics

Testimonials for James Lamont

The Ball was a fabulous success. James's act was fantastic and the entire crowd loved it and 'oohed and aahhed' and well as laughed, the entire time. It was such a different style of entertainment and it was really appreciated. The audience involvement was great and people were desperate to be chosen.
Susu Mama Hospital Charity Event, PNG

James performance was extremely entertaining. Would thoroughly recommend for anyone looking for after dinner funny and light hearted entertainment.
House retail stores

Just wanted to let you know that the feedback on your performance from our delegates has been fantastic! Thank you again for such an entertaining evening. 
Marketing Communications

The conference was a complete success! James was a great performer and kept the audience entertained. Thank you.
Sales Co-Coordinator
AV Technology

You certainly made the evening a success; our Chief Executive was pleased with the very different act you performed; and all the feedback I received from delegates praised your performance. It was a fun evening because it was old fashion entertainment with skill and laughter Thank you for an enjoyable evening.
Insolvency Trustees

Quite simply his performance was brilliant! The feedback we received on the night and following the event was undisputed. James Lamont reigned as highlight of the night. His performance left our guests in stitches with his humor and gasping our breaths as he displayed feats of strength that had guests totally amazed. Not only did James Lamont give an incredible performance on the night, he was totally professional and friendly in our dealings with them both pre and post event, and went to great lengths to ensure Bing Lee’s objectives were met. James Lamont has helped Bing Lee carve a name for itself in the electrical industry as hosting some of the best Christmas parties and staff events. I’d recommend James Lamont to anyone who is looking for quality and highly professional entertainment performance. 
Group Marketing Manager

James was excellent! He had our guests enthralled, thoroughly entertained and kept us in suspense with guest interaction. James was a delight to work with and a polished performer. 

I really like James and so does the crowd. This guy has come leaps and bounds and has a great, family friendly show.
Princess Cruise passenger

When volunteers see pictures of what they did on stage they are in disbelief. 
Rhapsody of the Seas

I thought it was a very untraditional show something different at last.
P&O Dawn