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Key Points for Jack Thompson

  • Jack Thompson is the most extreme cyclist on Earth.
  • He had the fastest ever completion of the Tour de France.
  • Jack was the first cyclist in space.
  • Jack's story is one of overcoming depression and mental illness.
  • Jack went from a life as an addict, to 7 time world record holder.

Topics for Jack Thompson

  • From drug addict to 7 time world record holder
    • Background
    • Childhood with depression
    • Overcoming addiction
    • Creating a career out of a sport that didn’t exist
    • Breaking world records
    • Harnessing world records to better the lives of others
  • Turning a dream into a REALITY
    • Background
    • MY dream
    • The DREAM acronym (listeners take home tool box)
    • Workshop -THE Dream
    • Key Learnings

Testimonials for Jack Thompson

Jack’s presentation in goal setting and overcoming adversity is the best that I’ve seen in my 35 years as a professional.

Lawyers are a tough crowd at the best of times, but Jack wowed them. There was a special twist in the delivery which was revealed part way through the seminar. If you book Jack to speak at one of your events, you won’t be disappointed and your audience will thank you for it.

You will no doubt receive an ‘Order of Australia’ at some stage in the future for the works that you’re doing in the mental health space.

I was overwhelmed with the engagement Jack had with all of the children. He listened to their stories, showed a great deal of compassion for them and made an impact on them with his very important messages. I personally was so impressed with a world champion being so humble and receptive to all of my questions. Jack made a massively positive impact on every person in that room and I thank him.