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Key Points for Helen Brown

  • Senior journalist across television, online and radio, with a passion for building understanding of key Australia/Asia issues.
  • Inaugural participant and panelist on Lowy Institute’s dialogue for journalists (2015) from Australia and Indonesia.
  • Successful Indonesia posting for four years, covering a fast growing nation and region. Helen maintains her network in a place that’s become a global flashpoint for strategic, economic and social issues.
  • Accomplished moderator with ability to create an intelligent and lively conversation and tap into the salient points of an issue. Work includes for the UN, and Australia Indonesia Business Council.
  • Speaker and guest lecturer to young journalists. Started informal chat group with Indonesian national TV presenter to generate support and inspiration amongst local and expat reporters. Speaking engagements include Binus University, graduate study groups, RMIT.
  • Served on board of the Jakarta Foreign Correspondents Club.

Topics for Helen Brown

  • Asia and Australia, particularly South East Asia, Indonesia
    Politics, economics, business and security issues, media
  • Life as a foreign correspondent
  • Agriculture and agribusiness, including foreign investment
  • Master of Ceremonies

Testimonials for Helen Brown

Helen Brown as a moderator brings two key skills to bear. First, the writer’s discipline, making research and preparation essential prerequisites. Second, the experience of a seasoned TV reporter gives her the presence, the quick-wit that’s vital for keeping a conversation not just going, but going in the right direction. Add to that Helen’s distinctive style, a unique blend of grace and firmness. I would recommend Helen, with enthusiasm.
Australia Indonesia Business Council

I have worked with Helen on multiple panels in Indonesia, both as an organiser and participant of panels she has moderated, and across a range of topics including business and trade, politics and Australia-Indonesia relations. In every case, Helen has done an excellent job by finding a subtle balance between guidance of the overall conversation, while still allowing panelists to have their say. Her experience as a journalists means she knows when and where to ask more probing questions of participants and how to inject a conversation with an intriguing or challenging line of thought. Specifically on the panels we have worked on for CAUSINDY, Helen's deep knowledge of Australian and Indonesian affairs has allowed her to add context to speakers' comments or voice her own opinions where appropriate. This facilitates not just the interaction between the speakers but is important in assisting the interpretation of their comments by the wider audience. Given the breadth of her experience and knowledge base, I expect this would apply to panels based on other subject areas too. Finally, from a more personal perspective, Helen showed a great flexibility and willingness to support us in the work we were doing, which is a great asset for anyone working in the dynamic world of events organisation. This was the reason we worked with her on numerous occasions, and, along with the above, is one of the many reasons I would recommend her as a moderator.
Managing Director & Founder
Vela Asia, former President CAUSINDY