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Key Points for Hacia Atherton

  • Hacia Atherton is the Founder & Director of Empowered Women In Trades (EWIT).
  • She was named The NYC Journal Top 30 Women Disruptors To Look Out For In 2021, Insight Success Top 10 Influential.
  • Women Entrepreneurs to watch out for in 2022 and by the Disruptors Magazine Top 30 Inspiring Women To Look Out For In 2022.
  • She has been nominated for Outstanding Leadership Awards in the Entrepreneur & start up leader category.
  • Hacia is studying a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology at Melbourne University.
  • She has completed her CPA studies from her hospital bed.
  • She is a member of the CPA Australia Global Advisory Panel.
  • Deputy Chair of Emerging Leaders Committee.
  • Hacia Atherton featured in the INTHEBLACK magazine, Studio 10, Sunrise, The Project Ticker NEWS, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and Herald Sun.
  • She is the President of the Old Ruytonians Association.

Topics for Hacia Atherton

  • Courageous leadership
    Through her lived experience, Hacia developed innovative strategies to leverage her daily battle to become an entrepreneur that is disrupting the corporate world for the better.
    Key learnings:
    • Pain (physical, emotional or mental) is a useful tool to strengthen your resilience muscle and how to integrate courage to overcome adversity and setbacks.
    • Have the courage to get comfortable with discomfort as this is where we can push our boundaries and achieve remarkable results.
    • Courageous leadership requires the ability to adapt and be flexible with goals and milestones with humbleness that can inspire others along the way.
    • Courage learned through hardship facilitates innovation as it requires one to think outside the box to access an alternative route and develop active empathy strategies.
    • Leading with vulnerability can enhance your professional career and develop stronger trust with your teams as they feel they can courageously express their ideas.
  • Walking the entrepreneur talk
    Hacia Atherton is inspiring women to pick up the tools and thrive in skilled trade careers so they can achieve financial freedom. Through her organisation Empowered Women In Trades, she is revolutionising Australia’s manufacturing, construction and mining industries by increasing the female representation and shifting the culture to one that is psychologically safe for all.
    Key learnings:
    • The power of a connection with your inner courage so that you can overcome any obstacle can achieve remarkable success.
    • How to live with adaptive and positive mindset; how to use it to motivate yourself through adversity and navigate pathways towards success.
    • How to find the courage to seek out and embrace opportunities in your darkest moments.
    • Overwhelm can be neutralised by implementing a ‘game plan’ of Positive Psychology Interventions.
  • Resilience is brilliance
    Hacia Atherton defied doctors and taught herself to walk again by embracing Positive Psychology and redefining her own version of success. Her personal and professional resilience has led to Hacia being recognised as a game changer for Australia’s manufacturing, construction and mining industries as she focuses on using her Positive Psychology knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit to increase the female representation within skilled trades and shift the culture to one everyone can thrive in.
    Key learnings:
    • Failure is not a fait accompli; it is the first step towards success.
    • Success is subjective; define what it means to you and be fearless in your pursuit of it.
    • Celebrate progress rather than striving for perfection; each milestone achieved deserves a reward no matter how small.
    • Refuse to accept external limitations and always question the status quo.
    • How the power of self belief can lead to influential change.

Testimonials for Hacia Atherton

Hacia is a gifted speaker, connecting with people immediately (and via a screen!) at such an authentic, human level, you both laugh and cry! Importantly she left our group today inspired to take action, to be themselves, to redefine what success means for them, to share their vulnerable wonderful selves and become extra awesome! It all starts with you. Thank you Hacia for sharing your story, your learnings and for living your legacy!
Finance Transformation Manager

We had hacia as a guest speaker for our 3rd annual Girls with Hammers conference and she was amazing. Her story of courage and resilience had everybody on the edge of their seats, as well as turning on the tears and laughter in the audience. Hacia was well presented, professional and had a first class slide deck to accompany her talk. Hacia was super easy to deal with and extremely reliable. Highly recommended.
Girls With Hammers

Hacia has enabled my inner light to shine. I feel of service to my community in a way that is authentic and valuable. Through Hacia's courageous leadership and mentoring, l have never felt more confident about my career development after graduation. Hacia brings out the best in people in a professional context and inspires my ability to dream ambitious goals with confidence in the practical techniques to achieve them as a young professional. Hacia enabled my inner light to shine and see my diverse skills as assets where l once would have felt unsure I fell of service to my community in a way that is authentic and valuable. She has equipped my graduation experience with courage and enthusiasm to achieve my goals with leadership. Through Hacia l have networked with industry professionals to enhance my career potential and learned practical skills for industry success.
Ivanhoe NFP Coordinator, Barista, Youth Leader and Writer

Hacia is one of those rare leaders capable of inspiring a movement. As as professional speaker, she takes audiences on an emotional rollercoaster of a journey, sharing her story along with the incredibly valuable strategic framework behind her recovery. As a coach, she has an innate ability to create a psychologically safe environment to challenge thinking that leads to faster breakthroughs. 10 minutes with her unlocked new thinking for me that helped to refine my go-to-market processes. As a business evolves to be more human-centric, l highly recommend booking her for your next corporate event or engaging her as a coach to improve team performance.