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Key Points for Gregory Robinson

  • Gregory Robinson is a former director of the $10 billion James Webb Space Telescope.
  • Robinson raised the efficiency rating of the James Webb Space Telescope from 55% to 95%.
  • Robinson is a recipient of several prestigious awards, including TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2022 and the 2022 Federal Employee of the Year.
  • Robinson is a lecturer on information and knowledge strategy and leading large, complex projects at Columbia University.

Topics for Gregory Robinson

  • Taking on your own moonshot
    Are you looking to inspire your organization to reach for the stars, conquer a huge challenge, or simply see the value of teamwork, open communication and innovative thinking? Let NASA veteran Gregory Robinson guide you on a journey to the far reaches of space and limitless human potential, going behind-the-scenes at NASA against a backdrop of awe-inspiring photos from the James Webb Space Telescope. Sharing the story of how he led a team that transformed a failing program into one of humankind’s greatest achievements, Robinson provides universal lessons on overcoming challenges, building trust and collaboration, enhancing communication and more. Perfect for “all hands” meetings, kick offs, product launches or any event in which you want to inspire your group to achieve great things together.
  • A NASA-inspired approach to leading innovation in any organization
    Today, most organizations must innovate or fall behind. But what’s the key to leading innovation and overcoming challenges and failures? It isn’t just about hiring very talented people. At NASA, Gregory Robinson worked with, led and managed some of the world’s most accomplished scientists and engineers. Instead, he says, it’s about prioritizing relationship-building, creativity, knowledge-sharing and “open communication without fear.” Robinson emphasizes soft skills like knowing when to lead and when to support, understanding how to collaborate, problem solving, and being able to reach out beyond your team to find answers and fresh thinking. Using real-life examples from his 33-year history at NASA, set against a backdrop that takes you a million miles from Earth, Greg Robinson shows how the human element is more critical than ever to driving transformation and achieving our most ambitious goals.
  • From sharecroppers' son to Time's most influential people list
    Just being an engineer in a time when few Blacks were in STEM professions would have been an achievement. Just getting into NASA—where the ranks of Black professionals were few and far between would have been an inspiring success story. But Gregory Robinson’s against-all-odds journey to leading the James Webb Space Telescope program had a starting point worthy of Hollywood. Born the ninth of eleven children to tobacco sharecroppers in southern Virginia, where the legacy of Jim Crow was still strong, Robinson attended segregated schools until the age of 10. In this inspiring talk, HBCU graduate Robinson shares how he went from the tobacco fields to being named one of TIME Magazine’s 100 most influential people– and how lessons learned through humble beginnings propelled his much-honored career.
  • Managing global teams in turbulent times
    When Greg Robinson took over the leadership of the James Webb Space Telescope, it was years behind schedule, billions over budget, tarnished by engineering failures and waning stakeholder confidence. The trouble didn’t end there. COVID, hurricanes, and other obstacles soon stood in the way of success. Still, Robinson managed to bring together 20,000 people in 29 countries and 14 U.S. states to not only turn the program around, but nearly double its efficiency. In this inspiring talk, highlighted by breathtaking images from Webb, Robinson shares how trust, communication and effective leadership can bring teams together from across the globe to overcome obstacles and achieve your organization’s moonshot.

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