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Key Points
  • Graeme Wood revolutionised the travel industry in Australia when he created the concept for, and confounded, in 2000.
  • From his simple and innovative idea (and humble beginning operating from a garage), Graeme pioneered's development into a multi-national company, which employs more than 190 people in five offices, spread across the globe. During his seven years at the helm, became one of Australia's most successful and well-known online businesses, with Graeme and the company winning awards and accolades along the way.
  • Innovation
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Creative futures

"Graeme was not only an enthusiastic and comical speaker, but possessed a strong business acumen and expertise of his business and technology. An engaging speaker who held the crowd at every stage of the breakfast forum. An absolute pleasure to have as a guest speaker."
AM Breakfast Club

"Graeme Wood is a truly inspirational speaker. He presented his success story to an audience of business and community leaders in a way that everyone could relate to and enjoy. Graeme made the difficult process of creating his business sound almost easy and effortless, drawing many laughs from the audience in the process. Many of the audience took the time to tell us how much they enjoyed and appreciated Graeme's presentation, and felt that they had much to take away from his story."
Australian Institute of Company Directors

"The history of is a fascinating success story. Graeme Wood describes the journey in a very engaging manner. You share the highs and lows with him and subtly learn how to apply the lessons to your own organisation."
Broadband Expo

"The Innovation Series aspires to build a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in South East Queensland. At part of the event series we invite examples of that culture to inspire others and transfer knowledge to the broader corporate, academic and government sectors. Graeme Wood, Founder and CEO of, was invited as our inaugural keynote speaker of the event series. Graeme's challenging entrepreneurial journey was delivered to a broad audience who were captivated by his determination and uplifted by his story. Graeme's content matched by his character stimulated paradigm shifts; provoked controversy and reinforced that innovation happens on the edges."
Innovation Series QLD