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Key Points for Glenn Manton

  • Glenn Manton is a professional speaker with a diverse background that invites inquiry beyond the surface of professional athlete (former AFL football star) and celebrity.
  • He is a highly creative individual with a rare blend of performance and facilitation skills. Renowned story teller.
  • Glenn Manton is widely recognised as a high-level community contributor - in particular youth advocate after co-founding Whitelion charity.
  • He has developed a reputation as being ‘the speaker’ to engage for a youth audience.
  • Glenn Manton is an accomplished author of seven books including a best seller, with his latest titled Put your damn phone down, to be launched in August 2018.
  • He is a seasoned media performer from stage to screen including regular performances at the MICF.
  • He is capable of working with diverse groups across various industries and settings.

Topics for Glenn Manton

  • Promotion of thought / discussion
  • Team building / development
  • Motivation/inspiration
  • Education
  • Sports and fitness

Testimonials for Glenn Manton

Glenn Manton is a creative storyteller weaving fragments of a jigsaw puzzle about life, hope, and regrets. I feel he reached the much-needed disengaged students. He spoke honestly and encouraged authenticity and to delve deeper into their responses and questions. For many students, it's the first time I have heard them be vulnerable. It was very moving and empowering. 
Marymede Catholic College

Glenn Manton was engaging with all age groups and the message he provided was "spot on". The presentation to the Year 9 group was well received and the students loved it. Such a lovely person - very accommodating and insightful. One student's feedback "engaging, funny relatable." 
St Joseph's College

We have engaged Glenn Manton twice to facilitate motivational sessions with our leadership group. On both occasions, pre and post the COVID pandemic, the feedback from attendees was unprecedent and enormously positive. Participants were grateful for the opportunity to step outside their normal routines, challenge their thinking and share more of themselves with their peers and management groups. Having worked with Glenn for many years, he has an uncanny ability to gently steer conversation to achieve our objectives, but with equal importance endears himself to the group in a way that encourages safe, open and honest communication. His style leaves you thinking, yet uplifted. Introspective, yet considerate and mindful of others. Over the course of a few short hours, we cultivated a greater value for connection, communication, empathy, respect and responsibility. We laughed, we cried, we shared stories, we learnt and we grew both professionally and personally – there’s not much more you could ask from a corporate facilitator
Head of Strategic Partners
IKON Services

One of the best team sessions I have attended in many years, it was open, honest and at times quite confronting.
It only gave everyone the opportunity to know a little more about each other which is always a good thing.
As they say there is a story behind everyone.
I truly believe the night touched a lot of us and has brought us closer, I’m proud to be working for such a great company.
I really enjoyed the experience, including being pushed a little outside of my comfort zone at times.
IKON Services

He was very entertaining and stayed on task of what the day was all about.
Alpine Health

Glenn Manton was able to provide our network with an excellent Professional Development which was, under Glenn’s direction, “Participant Led”. The comments as we walked out the door were amazing! Everyone appreciated the manner in which Glenn presented as he was knowledgeable, humble and energetic all at the same time! We wouldn’t hesitate to have him back again.
Meadows Primary School

Glenn Manton was truly amazing with our students. What he had to say and contribute really resonated with the group. His selfless and amusing character was well welcomed by all.
Caulfield Grammar School

WOW! – Glenn Manton exceeded our expectations, he challenged our thoughts and emotions and had everyone on the edge of their seats listening intently. Glenn’s presentation was very clever, thoughtful and made a real impact. He has certainly sowed plenty of seeds for us to grow moving forward both individually and as a reinvigorated team.   
Gorst Rural

Inspirational, meaningful, and morally correct for both parents and children alike.

Challenged the group’s social awareness by asking them to think outside the square. Inspirational and “real”.

Outstanding young presenter speaks to forthright and honest content.
E.L. & C. Baillieu

Glenn Manton’s humour and authenticity allows for an engaging and empowering presentation.
Royce Hotel

Glenn Manton has an honest, open and refreshing speaking style which gets right to the heart of the audience.

It is a blessed thing that in every age someone has had individuality enough and courage enough to stand by his own conviction.
Robert G. Ingersoll

Glenn Manton’s visit to Robinvale College showed his ability to connect with students of all ages, ranging from Grades 5/6 up to the most senior levels. His sessions with groups of students were based completely on honesty and integrity. A number of issues specific to the particular groups were discussed: many with humour and others with heartfelt responses, all of which were accepted by the everyone in the group as valid, real and in some cases courageous. The legacy left was that we all need to speak and act with integrity, being true to ourselves, yet mindful of others. We are a very multicultural school and Glenn made such an impact with all of our students and to this day has kept in touch via social media with our students.
Wellness Coordinator
Robinvale P-12

We were delighted to have Glenn  Manton as a guest presenter at a quarterly meeting of our business club.
Managing Principal

Our grade had the pleasure of listening to Glenn Manton speak to us. What seemed to be another motivational talk grew into a deep emotional journey, which led to self-reflection and growth in each and every single student. It was confronting and emotionally charged at times however ultimately the grade changed as a whole and everyone opened up to each other. Personally, I really did enjoy the challenge to uncover what really makes me myself and I believe that it is incredibly important for everyone to know who they are - because at the end of the day, not everyone does.
Year 11
James Ruse Agricultural High School NSW

Glenn Manton is a dynamic facilitator, who combines his varied life experiences into a unique learning experience. Participants of Glenn’s workshops will walk away with a newfound knowledge of life and have the confidence to confront life’s ups, downs and everything in between.
Athlete workshop co-ordinator