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Key Points for Gabriel Gate

  • Much loved French chef and cookery writer, Gabriel Gaté, has brought a unique flavour to Australian television with his cooking skills, charm and communication talents.
  • Throughout his TV career, he estimates he has prepared over two thousand dishes on TV and is one of the few TV chefs skilful enough to present stunning desserts.
  • More recently he has entertained SBS viewers and Tour de France fans with Taste Le Tour with Gabriel Gaté, a cultural culinary postcard.
  • He is prolific author of 24 cookbooks, including French Cuisine for Australians, Family Food, Good Food for Men, How to Teach Kids to Cook, and So French So Sweet.

Topics for Gabriel Gate

  • An evening with French chef Gabriel Gaté
    The amazing Taste of France
    Much loved celebrity chef, Gabriel Gaté will share his passion for cooking by exploring the magic of French Gastronomy region by region, ranging from charming Normandy to sun drenched Provence and from the hills of Alsace to the magic Bordeaux wine region.

    He will explain what makes French cuisine so outstanding - from cheeses to pâtisserie, from bread to croissants, from champagne
    to cognac, from coq au vin to salade niçoise.

    At the end of his presentation Gabriel will answer questions about France, travelling in France and French cooking.

  • Lunch and Learn With Gabriel Gaté
    The secrets of a French Master Chef
    This presentation is ideal for home cooks that want to be stimulated to become efficient and happy in the kitchen.

    Gabriel, who is recognised as one of Australia’s most skilful cookery teachers, is the author of 24 cookbooks, including Family Food, Good Food Fast, Good Food for Men, Anyone Can Cook and How to Teach Kids to Cook. He encourages home cooks to learn to cook a new dish every month and to practise that new dish three times during the month to master it. He suggests starting with simple dishes or dishes matching your skill level.

    After four years of practising his easy method, home cooks will have a repertoire of about fifty dishes and will have become happy, competent cooks. At the end of his presentation Gabriel will answer questions about cooking.

  • Gabriel Gaté the French Cook Who Cares
    Cooking for well being
    Gabriel Gaté believes that a family cook can prepare meals that are both delicious and healthy at the same time. Gabriel has been cooking for his family for many year and understands the challenges of cooking for children and adults.

    In his presentation:
    • Gabriel explains how to become a relaxed, competent cook.
    • He explains how to choose a large variety of the freshest ingredients to nourish the whole body.
    • He suggests buying and cooking just enough to cater for the needs of your family and speaks of the benefits of exercising for well-being.
    • At the end of his presentation Gabriel will answer questions.

  • How to Teach kids to cook with Gabriel Gaté.
    Instilling your children with a lifetime joy of cooking
    From a young age Gabriel Gaté was encouraged to contribute to the family cooking in a relaxed manner.

    To children, cooking is a game - a fun activity of measuring, mixing, stirring. They love brushing the cake tin, pouring the milk into the pan, counting the strawberries.

    The process begins by asking children as young as three or four years of age to contribute regularly for a few minutes with easy and safe food preparation. With positive encouragement over several years, children become skilful and thrilled with their progress. They become better eaters and easier to cook for.

    Gabriel is a dad of two boys and grandfather of four. He is the author of  How to Teach Kids to Cook and Family Food and co-author of Anyone Can Cook.

    At the end of his presentation Gabriel will answer questions.

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Testimonials for Gabriel Gate

Excellent. All the stallholders at the event were very impressed with Gabriel’s friendliness he was willing have photos taken with anyone. He arrived at the event and walked around the stalls introducing himself, the public asked him questions he was willing to answer them. Overall he was friendly, pleasant willing to talk to everyone he gave us hints for our event we had a very enjoyable day with him.
Bridgewater on Loddon Progress Association

Very professional and personal presentation; stuck to the time schedule.
Taste of Tatura Food & Wine Festival