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Key Points for Freda Liu

  • Freda Liu is highly sought after as a moderator, emcee and trainer too.
  • Has moderated and emceed many corporate events with major names like SAP, Microsoft and many others. She has also trained on personal branding and women empowerment with the likes of Accenture and Intel to name a few.
  • Author of 6 books, her latest being, Life's a Stage - Stories Of An Empowered Life.
  • Awarded the ASEAN Rice Bowl Awards for Malaysia Startup Journalist Of The Year andthe Kanebo Exceptional Award for Voice.
  • Spokesperson for sustainability, World Vision Malaysia advocate for WASH (Clean Water & Sanitation), ambassador for Women of Global Change KL Chapter.


Topics for Freda Liu

  • What’s your story?
    Why is it important to develop your personal brand? How do you get started?
  • Maximising life every day
    What life stage are you at? How do you learn from the past, live for the present and prepare for the future?
  • Bursting fixed mindsets
    What’s holding female entrepreneurs from striking it big? How do female entrepreneurs take their business to the next stage?
  • In your skin
    Struggling to live a balanced life? How can you develop life skills so that each day is purposeful and meaningful.

Testimonials for Freda Liu

I was first inspired by Freda when I observed how she dealt with a serious “down” period. Freda navigated through that time, while making sure that she kept the world around her positive. Then there is “don’t-just-talk-about-it, make-it-happen Freda. She inspires by action. Amid her busy schedule, Freda is an author, and is inspiring countless others with her stories. Freda does not just talk – she makes it happen. Where does she find the time? That’s a very good question. Amid, and above, all of this, Freda is a mother, somehow mixing all of the pressures in her life to come out a winner.

In my 30 years of working in the Asia Pacific region with some of the largest and biggest global name brands, and with my frequent interactions with media journalists, there are only a few I have professional admiration for. This is because the work of a journalist is not easy, as the attributes to being a good journalist stretches from not just a good command of a language or how to interview, but it has to transcend from being ethical, having a high level of integrity, to be courageous, having a good knowledge in technology, able to connect-the-dots, and even have the boldness to be investigative. Now with all that, if one comes with charm, friendliness and a genuine interest in people, you are world-class. I think Freda Liu is a world-class journalist.
Vice President
Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation