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Key Points for Evan Lucas

  • Evan Lucas is a renowned finance personality across Australia’s TV and radio networks reaching over a million Australians every week.
  • He is a leading behavioural economist.
  • Evan is the author of best-selling book, Mind over Money.

Topics for Evan Lucas

  • Economic trends
  • Global markets
  • Personal finance
  • The behaviour of money
  • Money autonomy
  • The macroeconomics of life
  • Why the economic theory of scarcity is flawed thinking – Abundance creates abundance
  • Value sinks – Why sunk costs are not just financial

Testimonials for Evan Lucas

Evan is one of the most accomplished financial communicators in Australia. His unique and challenging ideas coupled with his style make him unrivalled.

Evan, provides fantastic and actionable insights to attendees on how to improve investor behaviour.
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