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Key Points for Elle Macpherson

  • Elle Macpherson is one of the original and iconic supermodels, as well as arguably one of the most recognisable women entrepreneurs.
  • Throughout her incredible 40-year career has achieved not only in modelling — which itself includes a thousand covers of major magazines including a world-record 6 Sports Illustrated swimwear covers, and countless runway — but also in television and film performance and production, insightful ground-breaking business strategies, innovative licencing, and powerful brand building.
  • Elle is the founder of WelleCo, Elle and sits at the helm of this global-and-growing beauty-of-wellness brand launched in 2014. WelleCo, the leader in nutritional plant-based products, is an Australian-born global business.
  • Elle’s philosophy is that wellness is the new beautiful, health is the new wealth, kindness is the new cool, and inner peace is the new success.
  • Elle Macpherson has won numerous awards for her ingenuity and entrepreneurial vision.
  • Elle is an outstanding moderator, host and presenter and speaks on her experiences as both a business entrepreneur and supermodel and covers branding, motivation, media, woman’s rights, women’s health and wellbeing.

Topics for Elle Macpherson

  • Women in business empowerment
    As a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur, Elle's story is a testament to the potential of women in the business world. She has carved her own path, establishing herself as a pioneering figure in both the fashion and wellness industries. Elle's insights and experiences will empower your audience of aspiring and established female leaders to navigate the corporate landscape with confidence and grace.
  • Entrepreneurial inspiration
    Elle Macpherson's journey from supermodel to wellness entrepreneur exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation. Her success in founding wellness brand WelleCo and her entrepreneurial ventures provide valuable lessons for your audience interested in launching and scaling their own businesses.
  • Health, beauty, and wellness
    Elle's wellness expertise and dedication to health and beauty are unparalleled. She has inspired countless individuals to prioritize their well-being and embrace holistic self-care. Her talks will provide your audience with practical insights into achieving personal and physical wellness, empowering them to lead healthier lives.
  • Global perspective
    With a career that has spanned the globe, Elle brings a unique global perspective to her talks. She has experienced the diverse cultures and challenges that come with international success, making her an exceptional choice for audiences in the Asia-Pacific region.

Testimonials for Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson is a unique woman. She spoke brilliantly on the development of her career, her business and her life. She is a true inspiration and sets a great example.
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