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Key Points for Drew Ambrose

  • Drew Ambrose is the winner of 35 Global Media Prizes include the coveted Walkley Award and the One World Media Award International Journalist of the Year.
  • He has produced and presented over 90 documentaries around the world including complex investigations.
  • Drew has written chapters for four books including Pandemedia which is coming out in May 2023.
  • In 2022, Drew was listed in Asialink’s 40 under 40 most influential Asian-Australians and won the media category
  • He has spoken at the Ubud Writers Festival, Australian International Documentary Conference, UN events and other significant events across the region.
  • Drew has also lectured and conducted workshops for tertiary institutions, schools and journalism organizations.

Topics for Drew Ambrose

  • Investigating, uncovering and exposing human rights abuses in the 21st Century
    Drew Ambrose has reported on human rights abuses involving refugees, migrant workers, sex abuse survivors and children. He shares his insights.
  • Understanding the Asia-Pacific region
    From tiny pacific atolls to large South Asian megacities, Drew Ambrose has reported across all corners of the world’s populous content. What can be learned in the Asian century?
  • The challenges of being a foreign correspondent in the 21st century
    Since the age of 21, Drew Ambrose has reported in more than 45 countries. He shares his stories of life on the frontlines.
  • Typhoons, earthquakes and genocide
    Being on the frontlines of the world’s worst disasters.
  • Press freedom in the global south
    The driving forces that got me kicked out of Malaysia during the pandemic.
  • Documenting lives
    The art of longform video storytelling.
  • Environmental challenges in the Asia-Pacific region
    Deforestation, Deep Sea Mining and Pollution.
  • Journalism in the digital age
    How to make compelling constructive journalism in a digital age where there is news avoidance and misinformation.

Testimonials for Drew Ambrose

We were thrilled to have Drew Ambrose join us as a guest speaker and moderator at the 2022 Australian Photography Awards. During a live event which was attended both in person and live-streamed, Drew engaged in an energetic and insightful conversation with two finalists from our documentary category. From the dialogue, it was clear Drew had prepared himself throughly. I felt his guidance brought out the best in the other speakers. Drew finds a fantastic balance between being personable, insightful and professional. I’d highly recommend Drew Ambrose for any speaking events.
Creative Director
Photo Collective

I have had the pleasure of inviting Drew to speak to my journalism students multiple times, and I can confidently say he is one of the best speakers I have ever had the privilege of inviting. One thing that always struck me is his amazing level of preparation and generosity. I have also attended events where I was the audience, and this allowed me to hear Drew's ability to connect with his audience, built through his years of journalistic experience but also his natural flair for communicating clearly and intelligently. If you have the opportunity to work with him, I would strongly encourage you to do so!
RMIT Lecturer

Drew Ambrose, Al Jazeera's senior producer, was the keynote speaker at an international public lecture event by Universitas Muhammadiyah , Jakarta , Indonesia in October 2022. The material presented was very factual and important regarding the global media landscape. As a speaker, Drew was impressive in presenting the speech. He was also informative and quickly understood the needs of the participants. He impressed all participants with his polite and respectful attitude during the public lecture session.
On Point Communications, Jakarta, Indonesia