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Key Points for Dr Nick Bontis

  • Dr Nick Bontis has over 25 years of experience in the world of professional speaking.
  • He is one of the very few keynote presenters that can actually relate directly to the bulk of your audience, from your most senior and seasoned veterans, to your young and “just-out-of-school” rookies.
  • Nick has been described as Albert Einstein meets Robin Williams with an urban style and athletic twist.
  • Nick is a fantastic storyteller and often walks through the audience if the layout permits. He provides direct insight into many aspects of everyday life such as dealing with email, playing with your children, working in teams and managing employees.
  • His presentations are very interactive and he often seeks the help of a volunteer which allows Nick to provide specific activities that all of the audience can directly relate to.
  • He is de facto the world’s leading expert in his field and can provide the stimulus and action-oriented takeaways that will make each of your audience member remembering him forever.


Topics for Dr Nick Bontis

  • Transforming your leadership and productivity for peak performance
    Are you an ambitious individual that feels there’s too much on your plate, yet you still desire to blast through every target and then some? Dr. Nick Bontis has leveraged two decades worth of research on personal productivity that will shrink your ever-growing “to do” list to the most important activities that are necessary for you to delight your customers, impress your team members, and solidify your value to your organization. Never worry again about not having enough time to do this or that. The time has finally come to transform your personal productivity for peak performance. During this enlightening and action-packed keynote presentation, Dr. Nick Bontis will show you how to:
    • Increase your personal productivity by providing the three (3) most important.
    • Actionable tactics that ensure a higher level of efficiency.
    • Create a bullet-proof shield for your career that no competition or disruptive technology can penetrate.
    • Provoke your ability to strategically manage change before anyone else can even see it coming.
  • Accelerating collaboration and communication at hyper-speed
    Is your team just spinning its wheels, but you know deep-down it can do more with less? Dr. Nick Bontis has harnessed the best practices of knowledge sharing by consulting with some of the world’s leading organizations. High performance teams are supposed to harvest the synergy embedded in all of their members within and across departments to create value above and beyond what is expected. Help your team solidify its reputation as the smartest group around by accelerating collaboration and communication at hyper-speed. During this inspirational and dynamic keynote presentation, Dr. Nick Bontis will show you how to:
    • Improve coordination within and across your teams by learning the top four (4) drivers of collaboration.
    • Orient your team towards the single most explosive secret for guaranteeing knowledge sharing.
    • Avoid the three biggest pitfalls that make teams perform at sub-optimal levels.
  • Leadership and strategizing towards innovation and growth
    The markets are turbulent, the geopolitical economy is unstable, your competition is frothing at the mouth, and you are holding it all together and executing the strategic plan. As the senior leader in your organization, you know you can’t do it alone. How do you harvest the full intellectual capital potential of your organization? Dr. Nick Bontis is an awardwinning professor of strategy and the most-cited author on the planet in his field. Let him show you a clear path. Don’t let unforeseen disruptive technology make you and your organization obsolete. During this engaging and world-class keynote presentation, Dr. Nick Bontis will show you how to:
    • embrace the three (3) most important steps for developing an inimitable.
    • Sustainable advantage so you can drive the execution of your strategy.
    • Leadershift your strategic position by turning chaos into opportunity.
    • Evade the single largest strategic misstep that will curtail your leadership and execution.

Testimonials for Dr Nick Bontis

Professor Nick Bontis is not only a pioneer in the field of intellectual capital, but one of the world’s real experts as well.
Former Editor
Harvard Business Review and FORTUNE Magazine, New York, USA

Nick's reputation as a world expert in his field is indisputable. However, the real magic occurs when he steps in front of a crowd. His charisma acts like a magnet and captures everyone's attention. He will be sure to leave a lasting impact with your audience.
Regional Programme Advisor
United Nations Development Program, New York, USA

Few people actually live up to their advance press, but Nick Bontis exceeds it. His presentation was superb, both in content and style. Our sophisticated audience was enormously entertained while being challenged with new ideas and approaches. We'll have Nick back as many times as we can, assured that the message and research will always be fresh and provocative.
American Productivity and Quality Centre, Houston, USA

As an executive member of the MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table), I was charged with finding a speaker that would impress one of the most discerning and sophisticated audiences around: an association of the top producing financial professionals in the world! My committee and I culled over 500 speaker videos and proposals from all walks of life. After dozens of hours of research, fact checking and comprehensive reviews, we selected Dr. Nick Bontis to speak at our Top of the Table event, an exclusive international MDRT conference for the world’s top performing professionals. He did not disappoint. In fact, Dr. Bontis not only blew away the conference committee but provided one of the best keynote presentations I have ever seen. He was even more of a smash hit than we anticipated. The international audience absolutely loved him as he had spent considerable time and effort researching our needs and learning about our association membership. The result was a rousing standing ovation! The following year, as we planned for another global event, Dr. Nick Bontis’ name was again on the top of everyone’s list. It was extremely rare for our association to have a speaker invited back. But he is no ordinary speaker. His presentations are a perfect mix of serious business-based messaging, backed with academic credentials, along with a very funny and engaging delivery. Our committee selected Dr. Bontis again to present on our main platform stage as a keynote speaker in front of over 6,500 financial professionals. His presentation was beyond outstanding! Once again he delivered a highlight performance that resulted in a standing ovation. It was unforgettable for our audience. The professionalism and efficiency he brings to the planning, execution and post-analysis phases of event planning is fantastic. He made our committee look great and made my life a lot easier. It is so nice to know that when you work with Nick, he is an engaged partner and he provides you with a fantastic return on your investment. I have no doubt, I will be working with Dr. Bontis again in the future. He is a crown jewel in the world of professional speakers.
MDRT member
Million Dollar Round Table, Indianapolis, USA

Many of the evaluations we got back from our top performers at our annual UNIGLOBE Chairman's circle event in Sonoma identified you not only as the best speaker/resource they had experienced through UNIGLOBE, but many also said you were the best speaker they had ever seen anywhere period!
Uniglobe Travel International, Los Angeles, USA