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Key Points for Dr Neryl East

  • There is an endless supply of communication experts. Many are credible, but few have the experience in the spotlight and understand both sides like Dr Neryl East does.
  • Dr Neryl East has worked with leaders in the worst of times and across projects with international implications. There isn’t much that she hasn’t experienced or witnessed when it comes to leadership challenges.
  • Dr Neryl East has a PhD in Journalism and has won national journalism awards. She’s also an Amazon best-selling author on communication and media.
  • Dr Neryl East’s process - The East Way - combined with her decades of direct experience - has seen her clients deliver successfully in the spotlight time and time again.
  • Sought out for her skills in the speaking industry, she’s the current National President of Professional Speakers Australia.
  • Dr Neryl East‘s years of experience, both as a professional speaker and a television reporter, mean she’s equally at home speaking from a stage to a large audience or through a lens to a virtual community.

Topics for Dr Neryl East

  • The intersection of AI and credibility
    eaders are asking how they can use it to save time and drive efficiency without killing their credibility and reputation - and that of their organisation - in the process. Government leaders in particular fear any perception that their communication is being produced by a bot. There's sweet spot that does exist and Dr Neryl East shares this in her keynote.
  • Leading in the spotlight
    How to be a leader who commands attention through stand-out communication in a global crisis and beyond.
    Dr Neryl East shows audiences how to level up their leadership so they bring credibility, confidence and influence to all their interactions. She draws on her vast media experience - and in coaching leaders in the public eye - to this vibrant presentation.
  • The Keys to firing up your team
    How to communicate well in tough times, even when your staff are dispersed and disengaged.
    This presentation shifts thinking as leaders and team members gain a new perspective on the critical importance of clear communication within your business - particularly after the changes driven by COVID-19.
  • Ignite your influence
    The keys to communicating with confidence and credibility so that you’re a champion influencer in business and life.
    From the hidden stories we tell ourselves to powerful lessons learned in a career spanning TV, the Olympics and some of Australia’s biggest public scandals, Neryl takes you on an entertaining journey that will unleash the influential communicator within you.
  • Be extraordinary, one choice at a time
    How to take more action, break through obstacles and achieve beyond expectations.
    In this joyful, compelling and invigorating presentation, Neryl shares how going after a “giggly goal” changed the course of her life - and how you can take that approach to transform your business, relationships and life.
  • The new way of leadership
    How to rebuild trust in a changed world through clear and credible communication
    Today’s world requires a seismic shift for leaders and their organizations. Research shows trust is at rock bottom. There’s intense pressure for results despite a huge amount of disruption. Employees want an even stronger focus on well-being and balance. Pre-pandemic ways of leading will no longer cut it.
    In this keynote, Dr Neryl East presents her latest research that identifies the key for executives and leadership teams to not only navigate these challenges but redefine themselves as leaders in the process. Audiences take away specific action steps to magnify their communication performance - so they’re clear, open, compassionate and highly effective, including:
    • How to be a steady anchor for your team in a world of uncertainty
    • A framework to ensure you’re authentically clear every time you communicate
    • Tools to be people-focused and compassionate without compromising strength and competence
    • How to have platform dexterity so you’re an outstanding leader in any environment, whether face to face or online
    • How to lead teams into a better future through forward inspiration

Testimonials for Dr Neryl East

We highly recommend Dr Neryl East. Her stories were highly engaging for our members and her presentation was very practical. We took away specific tips for building more connection in our communication and she even taught us how to practice our breathing to build our presence and confidence.
CPA Australia

Very motivating, inspiring, funny and full of fabulous advice.
Australian Local Government Women’s Association

A fantastic presentation!
Professional Conference Organisers’ Association

Dr Neryl East is no doubt the best speaker I have ever heard.
Somerset College, Gold Coast

Dr Neryl East is electric, her story, ideas, lessons are inspiring. She is a 'must see' speaker…she lights up the room.
Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (Victoria)

Her passion, energy, immense knowledge and easy style has made her a favourite. I highly recommend Dr Neryl East - she is your next speaker!
Conference and Event Organiser
CMA Events

Fantastic presentation, valuable content, thoroughly enjoyed this session. We need more.
City of Victor Harbor