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Key Points for Dr Kristin Alford

  • Dr Kristin Alford is the Inaugural Director of MOD. – led the vision, design and delivery of Australia’s leading future-focused museum.
  • Dr Kristin Alford is an ABC Contributor – regular guest for various ABC Melbourne programs as well as interviews with ABC Radio Adelaide, community station Radio Adelaide and various podcasts including Adelaide Living and Future Pod.
  • TEDx speaker and licensee. Dr Kristin Alford was the inaugural licensee and host of TEDx Adelaide and has presented at both TEDxCanberra and TEDx York
  • Dr Kristin Alford is one of the leads for the Australia 2050 project, a 5-year project initiated by the Australian Academy of Sciences to explore how science informs our future. Output included book chapters publication and a new method for community conversations about futures.
  • Dr Kristin Alford is a Lecturer and facilitator in foresight capability for The University of Adelaide and the Leaders’ Institute of South Australia, teaching foresight concepts to more than 3,000 people through formal courses and organisational workshops.

Topics for Dr Kristin Alford

  • Leading a future-focused museum
    • The story behind the concept and delivery of MOD. including how we’ve built a successful culture that builds foresight and science capability for young adults.
    • The story behind the concept and delivery of MOD. exhibitions including how we engage our community in the design stages and we are unique in the way we showcase research.
  • 5 ways to think about the future
    There are 5 ways to think about the future, but most people use one. Kristin will show you how to build your own foresight capability for personal, business or civilisation foresight and what this means for enabling change.
  • Preparing for the future of work
    Reflecting on the feedback from visitors at MOD. alongside trends for the future of work, Kristin describes core competencies for the future that will help guide work in uncertain times.

Testimonials for Dr Kristin Alford

To guide successful conversations you need someone that can speak articulately, be personable and engage others - but more than that Kristin brings a diverse and eclectic set of knowledge, perspectives, and understanding that allow others to capture the  oft-overlooked connections and intersections of our fast coming future. Kristin effortlessly delivers a natural and authentic voice to a dizzying array of conversation and thought points. Thought provoking questions followed by interesting observations and counterpoints. Kristin has the ability to seamlessly weave together disparate ideas amongst an eclectic panel of voices and has a unique gift in the art of curation - essential in creating the fertile soil for poignant and inspiring conversation. Not only would I whole-heartedly recommend Kristin to others looking to elevate their own events, but we are already planning on inviting her to help guide conversations at our next event.
Creative Director