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Key Points for Dr Kirstin Ferguson AM

  • Dr Kirstin Ferguson AM is the only Australian named one of the world’s 30 “Thinkers to Watch” by UK-based Thinkers50.
  • Kirstin has a 30-year executive career as company director, CEO, senior executive and Air Force officer.
  • She has an award-winning PhD in leadership and culture.
  • Kirstin was appointed by the Prime Minister to be Acting Chair and Deputy Chair of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
  • Kirstin writes the weekly column Got A Minute? for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age on leadership and work.
  • She created the viral, Walkley Award nominated social media campaign #CelebratingWomen and co-authored the award-winning book, Women Kind.
  • Kirstin is the author of Head and heart: The Art of Modern Leadership. 

Topics for Dr Kirstin Ferguson AM

  • Leading with impact: Mastering the art of modern leadership
    Kirstin can offer this content as either a keynote or workshop
    Attendees have the opportunity to complete the hugely popular Head & Heart Leader Scale and receive a personalised report to help them understand areas for individual focus.
    • Key takeaways for keynote
      • Overview of a selection of head and heart leadership attributes.
      • Understanding the most effective ways to lead with impact and the power that leadership moments have at work, in our communities and in our families.
      • Individual, personalised head and heart leadership report for each attendee.
      • Inspiration for attendees to apply the leadership lessons learnt across all aspects of their lives.
    • Key takeaways for the workshop
      • Includes everything from the keynote plus;
      • Overview of all eight head and heart leadership attributes.
      • Ability for a live analysis of the collective scores from the Heart & Heart Leader Scale where attendees can compare their results to the group.
      • Table discussions and shared learning opportunities.


Testimonials for Dr Kirstin Ferguson AM

So inspiring, fantastic session and amazing speaker, the imagery of the ladder v's the fishing net, will stay with me forever!
So prepared, so professional, so eloquent, so grounding!
AMAZING session!! Dr Kristen Ferguson was impressive speaker as an ambassador for gender equality.
what a great event - so on point.
What a great speaker – I have my new action list inspired by the guest speaker.
Kirstin was fantastic and her story was truly inspiring.
Wow what an uplifting discussion really enjoyed hearing Kirstin Fergusons story. Thank you.
Bristol Myers Squibb event

Thank you Kirstin - your authenticity and powerful storytelling made the perfect case for cultivating a feedback culture. Loved the reactions to “can I give you some feedback?” Spot on and very funny! I’d highly recommend you to any Australian organisation
BDO Australia

Dr Kirstin Ferguson has emerged into the speaking circuit as one of our nation’s most engaging and inspiring speakers. When Dr Ferguson addresses a room, her energy and passionate commitment to the cause of diversity and inclusiveness is infectious. People really listen and believe every word she says. Her approach is endearing, her connection to people is truly authentic and her leadership is undeniable. Like the most inspiring speakers and leaders, you will hang on every word she says and never forget how great she makes you feel.

Last night, I attended the ceremony where you delivered the key note address. I wanted to reach out and say how much I enjoyed your speech – in particular your sense of humour and humility when talking about the "sliding doors" moments that led you to where you are today. Thank you for generously sharing your story.
QUT Law Faculty

Excellent – loved her! So interesting and engaging. Very influential, loved her attitude and drive.
Women in Leadership Summit

Great speaker, very motivating. Little treasures throughout! Inspiring speaker, down to earth and approachable. Really enjoyed Kirstin’s presentation, lots of valuable tips.
Women in Leadership Summit

Good talk last night at WLAQ. The woman right next to me was quite affected by it, and from chatting with her later, she clearly took a great deal of heart from your message. For me, nice to hear a bit less of the 'pledge for parity', and a bit more of the ' I just went and did it' stuff.
Women Lawyers Association of Queensland

Thanks for the opportunity to share your leadership journey. Exceeded my expectations. Humble, engaging & honest. Impressive, frank & challenging. A gift of your time in a time of reflection.
QUT School of Management

Thanks so much for today. The women absolutely loved you!!
Australian Industry Group

I've just landed back in Sydney and still feel inspired by our lunch - thanks so much for your wonderful insights and refreshing candour, it set the scene for an open, engaged gathering where people shared and learnt from each other - that's a special kind of magic!
Australian Industry Group

Hi Kirstin, it was very helpful to hear you speak tonight - especially re your decision to move away from the law & pursue a different path. Thank you so much for sharing your honest & frank insights. They are very much appreciated.
QUT Faculty of Law

There are speakers who capture attention more than others. On the first day this speaker, for me, was Dr Kirstin Ferguson.
New Zealand Institute of Safety Management
Safeguard New Zealand Conference

I attended your presentation this morning at the Governance Institute. Just a quick note to say that I found your presentation very professional and informative.
Governance Institute of Australia

Kirstin did a great job. Good, simple tips that can be used with Boards or Executive Teams.
Campbell Institute Symposium, New Orleans

Just giving quick feedback on Kirstin’s presentation at the recent Safeguard Health and Safety Conference. I felt that out of all the presenters that she was by far the best in regard content, presentation and relevance to business. It is very pleasing to here that in her role as a Company Director that health and safety sits at the top of the agenda.
Safeguard New Zealand Conference

I attended the Institute of Directors conference in Auckland and particularly enjoyed your presentation. I would like to thank you for your presentation and the practical aspects you brought to it. Much of the discussion is about the need for better H & S laws and processes but not much practical advice seems to be forthcoming.
Institute of Directors, New Zealand

Thank you for taking the time to speak at the 2017 Campbell Institute Symposium. It was great opportunity to hear about engaging Board of Directors with environment, health and safety. I look forward to identifying opportunities to make our world safer with you in the future.
Campbell Institute Symposium, New Orleans
Office of the President, National Safety Council USA

Just wanted to say a personal thank you to you for your presentation. You have inspired me greatly to keep working on the challenges that I currently face in getting my Board and also the executive members actively involved in leading the way in health and safety and its journey. Keep up the amazing work you do spreading the word and the way in which you inspire leadership teams to take health and safety as seriously as they do other aspects of running successful & safe businesses.
Safeguard New Zealand Conference

Thank you for your presentation today. I found it interesting and thought provoking. The contrast of your examples got me thinking about the underlying premise of we believe we should invest heavily in seeking to have safer workplaces. I'm sure I'll ponder that all weekend and I wouldn't have started think about that issue, were it not for your presentation. You've had an impact. You've also given me a greater understanding of what an "integrated" (if I can use your word) business looks. All up well worth attending and you are an enjoyable presenter to listen to.
Women in Safety

Thanks for doing a spectacular job as MC for the lunch.
Aim for the Stars Foundation

I really enjoyed listening to your journey. I loved your “can do” attitude too. You spoke to each and very one of us at the luncheon and that was what made it so special. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing.
Women's Network Australia

Your story behind the celebrate women campaign was inspiring and your anecdotes highlighting the difference between inclusion and diversity really resonated with me. You are an absolute star!

Dr Ferguson was the keynote speaker for the annual Hunter Defence Conference Gala Dinner in 2017. Every piece of the experience was nothing short of exceptional! Dr Ferguson expertly customised her speech for the relatively diverse audience using humour and humility to inspire and entertain. The feedback received from the conference survey shows that all delegates thought equally as highly of Kirstin's keynote. I could not provide a higher recommendation for Kirstin.
HunterNet Defence

It was tremendous yesterday listening to Dr Kirstin Ferguson at the lexvoco legal ops masterclass. A very down to earth, authentic person with an extraordinary resume and story.

Before more time passes, I wanted to thank you for squeezing into your today’s event. You are clearly a 'winner'. You come out first in whatever you decide to do, whether it's the Air Force, studying law or as a board director. I and the audience appreciated your candour, practical mind-set and simple 'smarts'. Your journey to successful leadership is clearly unique -- can't wait to see what you decide to do next. Thank you for the gift of your time and wisdom garnered over the years.
Legacies of Women

It was my great honour to host Dr Kirstin Ferguson on behalf of the EML Group today and learn, cheer and lean into her experience of authenticity, intellect, emotional intelligence and instinct in leadership. We have all benefited from her global movement of #CelebratingWomen and today from her generosity.