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Key Points for Dr Juliette Tobias-Webb

  • Dr Juliette Tobias-Webb is a Chief Behavioural Scientist.
  • She is on of 60 Australian women nominated as a Superstar of STEM,
  • Dr Juliette Tobias-Webb is a Senior MBA Lecturer. 
  • She has a PhD in Experimental Psychology, University of Cambridge.
  • Dr Juliette Tobias-Webb has over 10 years of commercial experience including Atlassian, Citi and CBA. 

Topics for Dr Juliette Tobias-Webb

  • Resilience: Behavioural strategies to thrive in life
    How can you ensure your team are coping with the uncertainty that COVID and/or are just resilient at work? This webinar will give you practical and proven behavioural strategies to reduce stress and boost motivation, happiness and resilience for yourself and your teams.
  • Productivity: Turbo charge performance
    How can we stay focused and turbo charge productivity? This workshop will give you science-back practical and proven strategies that will help you maintain a better work-life balance, while enhancing team productivity, wellbeing and performance – no matter where you are working from.
  • Motivation: What makes us feel good about work?
    Motivating people in the workplace can be difficult. Traditionally, companies have focused on carrot and stick approaches to create behavioural change. Research suggest this approach can backfire and reduce performance outcomes. Thus, this workshop will provide you with a variety of cost-effective tools to help motivate and retain employees.
  • Designing for humans
    Much of our behaviour is unconscious and we act without thinking. This can lead to a range of suboptimal outcomes such as reduced safety behaviour and poorer work engagement. This workshop shows individuals how to re-design the employee decision-making environment by making small (cost-effective) using an established “EAST” behavioural change framework.
  • Connecting with humans
    How can you ensure your team have the right tools to connect and engage with clients? This workshop is designed to provide you with practical and proven strategies to: 1) develop connection, build rapport and signal status, 2) keep clients engaged, focused and attentive, and 3) build trust and create influence.
  • Communicating with humans
    How can you ensure clients understand and are influenced by communication? Effective communication is vital for establishing relationships and motivating behaviour change. Using behavioural science principles, this workshop highlights ways to achieve more persuasive, impactful and personally relevant communication.
  • Designing for humans
    Effective client relationships are about the end-to-end process. The broader environmental context within which clients interact can be designed in a way that facilitates or hinders a relationship. This workshop shows individuals how to re-design the broader client decision-making environment to help improve client experience, motivate behavioural change and enhance win rates using the “EAST” behavioural change framework.
  • Diversity by behavioural design: New insights from the human mind
    The human brain is inherently biased with much of our behaviour being unconscious. We often act without thinking. Instead of trying to change the human mind, we should instead design systems that remove bias from employment decisions and the workplace. The goal of this presentation is for the audience to come away with an understanding of how bias operates in the workplace, how the audience themselves are biased (we all are), and what the audience can do to counter the biases in a diverse workforce.

Testimonials for Dr Juliette Tobias-Webb

I had someone email me 30 minutes into the presentation telling me it was AMAZING - so thank you!! The feedback has been consistently great.
Leadership & Learning Lead
APAC, Citi

We invited Juliette to present at Google's AUNZ biggest internal tech event to share with over 2,000 employees insights around behavioural science and design. Juliette was both engaging and able to clarify key concepts to help employees think more broadly about the way they provide value to our users.
Site Program Manager

We invited Juliette to speak at our annual Senior Leadership Credit Card Conference at Luna Park (>500 senior attendees). She was engaging, informative and inspiring. Her ability to translate the science of human behaviour into practical outcomes for leaders and the Bank was outstanding. She was rated the best speaker of the day.
General Manager, Credit Cards
Commonwealth Bank

We were looking for a behavioural insights expert that had theoretical expertise and private sector experience. Juliette had the experience and the ability to present in an engaging way that enhanced the understanding of the audience. The positive audience feedback supported my view that Juliette was an excellent presenter.
Senior Law & Policy Design Officer
Australian Taxation Office