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Key Points for Dr Fiona Kerr

  • Dr Fiona Kerr has a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience and Complex Systems Engineering (also degrees in anthropology, psychology). Ability to communicate science to a broad audience, with practical application.
  • She has over 30 years industry experience up to CEO level. Advisor to companies in robotics, technology, health/medicine, ageing, AI steerage (Finland), and Ethical AI in Defence. Hold 3 board positions, 3 honorary academic positions globally.
  • Fiona Kerr is an International Keynote speaker with regular media appearances including TEDx, Insight, Catalyst and ABC radio.
  • Fiona Kerr is the author of articles, business columns, books (including Creatively Managing Complex Systems and The Art and Science of  Looking Up) and guest chapters for a number of publications.
  • Her clients include CBA, BUPA, Macquarie, Cirque du Soleil, USA and Australian Defence and Security bodies, NFP’s and gov. depts. (DPC, DECD),  VTT (Finland), Curated (USA) and Water Research Aus.
  • Dr Fiona Kerr is working internationally on the impacts and shaping of technologization for quality human-technology partnerships  (in the workplace, ageing, health, education and society generally).

Topics for Dr Fiona Kerr

  • The best of both worlds – Creating successful hybrid workplaces
    2020 brought unexpected challenges to the workplace, forcing the virtualisation of whole sections via ill equipped technology, and increasing the pace of emergent change. As Hybrid work environments and collaboration technologies continue much has been learned about how to ensure systems, processes, technology and tools that optimise new ways of working, while fostering trust, productivity and collaboration across different working contexts over time.
  • Human-technology interaction: The impacts of technology on human cognition and communication
    The neurophysiology of how humans shape each other during face-to-face interaction is altered by the use of technology in various ways, both good and bad. Understanding this allows us to use technology as a true enabler, and choose when it is not the best solution.  
  • Leading flourishing, adaptive organisations
    The neural duet between brains can happen individually and at scale. In organisations, it facilitates trust, collaboration, communication, shared values and even complex problem solving, resulting in an adaptive, resilient and flourishing organisation.
  • Future proofing in emerging environments
    Change is by nature full of weak signals. The ability to register and read this information and to understand how it will shape change, enables leaders to influence, tend and steer the organisation in an adaptive direction, and build the capability to act dynamically in the emerging environment.
  • Cognition of resilience
    Resilient organisations have candid, empathic leaders who are pragmatic optimists, crafting a culture of high trust, shared values, collaboration and creative problem solving that allows everyone to navigate ambiguous conditions (complex thinkers).
  • Partnering with AI for human centric future: quality vs quantity choices and partnerships
    Both humans and technology bring their own unique capabilities to a situation and both can be transformative if used appropriately. Understanding these unique strengths, and how and when to combine them, allows us to gain exceptional results.
  • Building a human centric technologized healthcare future
    Medicine is being constantly transformed by amazing new technology from nanobots to telehealth. Human interaction and empathy increases healing, trust, hope, patient compliance and even medical decision making, so balancing the use of tech with human interaction is the key.

Testimonials for Dr Fiona Kerr

Dr Fiona Kerr is always so impressive. Her knowledge and presentation style are brilliant.
SA Local Government Financial Management Group

I have been very active on social media making sure that the entire company knows how impactful the breakfast and particularly Fiona’s presentation was on the psychology of patient adherence to treatment, and how to change their habits, using empathy, touch and AI. I think I counted at least 6 clinicians that came up to Fiona after the breakfast to ask further questions or ask for your card.

Firstly, can I again say a very sincere and hearty thank you for your contribution to the CBA LBB conference on Monday. You were incredibly well received - the standout - so well done and, again, many thanks. I'm sure the team would be thrilled to engage you again. I hope you had a pleasant flight back, delightful to work with you, you really brought a different focus to a banking conference and in the process provoked some great insights and conversations (oh, and in passing, you ruthlessly crushed your opponent in the debate :-)) Many thanks, Tim

LBB leadership, CBA

Fiona Kerr is a mesmerising speaker and a delight to work with. The moment that she takes the stage, she captivates the audience. Her knowledge is accessible and she makes complex subject matter and terms easy to digest by providing relevant analogies, stories and images for the audience to reference. After her keynote and workshops at Wired for Wonder in 2014, I received incredible feedback from the audience who simply adored Fiona and her talk about how we are all wired for wonder. Even months later, people are referencing Fiona's talk and the material - a sure sign that she is not only an excellent speaker, she is also a brilliant educator. I have already asked Fiona to speak again at Wired for Wonder 2015 and will continue to look for opportunities to engage her as a keynote speaker.
Creative Director
Wired for Wonder

Dear Fiona, On behalf of the team I would like to thank you very much for speaking at our conference at Randwick last Thursday. You shared a lot of fascinating information which supported our conference themes of embracing change, and encouraging idea generation, creativity, resilience, and innovation. You gave the audience and our business some great techniques to adopt to continue to improve our performance. We are looking forward to referring back to the content to absorb it further! There is genuine anticipation of your book being published. The conference was a great success and we continue to receive a lot of positive feedback, including in relation to your session so thank you very much for joining us and helping to make it a great event. Best wishes, Garry
Head of Corporate and Asset Finance
Macquarie Bank