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Dr Chadden Hunter

Key Points

  • Dr Chadden Hunter has produced some of the world’s most famous wildlife series. Planet Earth 1 & 2, Wild Arabia, Frozen Planet and Seven Worlds One Planet, have won over 20 Emmys and Baftas. 
  • To complete his ‘Gorillas in the Mist’ PhD, Dr. Hunter dodged armed bandits and survived brain parasites while studying gelada baboons in the highlands of Ethiopia.
  • While making the original Planet Earth series with Sir David Attenborough, Chadden became known as ‘the guy covered in bat poop’ for his staring role in the ‘Behind the Scenes’.
  • He spent 3 years in the Arctic and Antarctic directing the Frozen Planet series where he learnt that -40C was cold enough to freeze his eyes shut.
  • Has spoken at dozens of major events. Keynotes, after-dinners talks, festivals, TED-style free-stage conferences and individual sell-out shows in London and San Francisco.
  • Chadden has presented multiple international television programmes and appeared on live chat shows including BBC, Discovery, 60 Minutes, ITV and National Geographic.

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