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Key Points for Dr Andrew Rochford

  • With a versatile medical career, Dr. Andrew Rochford's journey from emergency doctor to medical executive showcases his adaptability and leadership in varied healthcare settings.
  • Through Docta Pty Ltd, Andrew spearheaded telehealth expansion globally, bridging healthcare gaps in regions like India and Indonesia.
  • Andrew's media presence, starting from "The Block," has served as a platform to demystify medical concepts and promote health awareness on national television.
  • Beyond his professional endeavours, Dr. Rochford's roles as a spokesperson and ambassador highlight his commitment to public health initiatives and community welfare.

Topics for Dr Andrew Rochford

  • Harnessing health: The past; the present; the future
    Dr Andrew Rochford unravels the mysteries of health and medicine. Exploring the lessons of the past, the science of the present and the predictions for the future, so you can maximise your health and optimise your life.

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