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Key Points for Dr Amantha Imber

  • Dr Amantha Imber is an organisational psychologist, co-creator of the AFR Most Innovative Companies list, and founder of Australia’s leading innovation consultancy Inventium.
  • In 2021 she became the first Australian to be awarded the prestigious Thinkers50 Innovation Award.
  • She is the host of the top-ranking and award-nominated business podcast How I Work.
  • Dr Amantha Imber has spoken to audiences in Australia, NZ, the USA, Europe, the UK, Asia, and Africa about driving innovation.
  • With a PhD in organisational psychology, Amantha has helped companies such as Google, Apple, Coca-Cola, Disney, LEGO, American Express, Virgin Australia, Commonwealth Bank.
  • Her thoughts have appeared in Harvard Business Review, The Huffington Post, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Fast Company.
  • She is the author of two best-selling books: The Creativity Formula and The Innovation Formula, with a new book due for release in 2022.

Topics for Dr Amantha Imber

  • Find your focus: Science-backed strategies for turbo-charging productivity and wellbeing
    Email. Social media. Endless pings and dings. Distraction and digital temptation make it hard to do focused, impactful work.
    In this highly interactive keynote, Dr. Amantha Imber reveals science-backed strategies to help teams transform habits, turbo-charge output, and optimise work hours. Attendees will learn how to structure days for peak performance, win back hours lost to distraction, and ingrain new practices to conquer busyness. They'll walk away with an actionable blueprint to sharpen focus and dial up impact.
    Key takeaways:
    • Science-backed strategies to conquer busyness and turbo-charge productivity.
    • Evidence-based techniques to structure days for deep thinking and flow.
    • The simple strategy that will let you win back at least two hours in every workday.
  • Health habits that stick: How to rewire your brain for long-term success
    Is your team showing signs of burnout? Feeling exhausted even thought it’s only Monday? Finding it harder to bounce back?
    We all have habits that hold us back from better health and feeling and performing at our best. But trying to change through willpower alone rarely works. In this engaging keynote, Dr. Amantha Imber goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to reveal science-backed strategies tailored to each person's unique psychology.
    Attendees will discover how to identify their own mental roadblocks and gain customisable techniques to finally make positive health changes stick. They'll walk away with clarity and an actionable plan to transform habits for good.
    Key takeaways:
    • The latest psychology on why most health advice fails to create lasting change.
    • How to pinpoint your unique "habit hijackers" sabotaging progress.
    • Customisable strategies to overcome mental obstacles and ingrain healthy habits.
    • An interactive blueprint for creating health habits that endure beyond the new year.
  • Tiny tweaks, big shifts: The small steps that lead to massive change
    How do you achieve dramatic improvement? Driving real change requires adopting new behaviours – yet our brains resist. It is downright hard to change entrenched habits.
    In this interactive keynote, Dr. Amantha Imber will reveal psychological insights that drive transformation. Attendees will learn tactics to identify mental roadblocks and “glitches” thwarting progress. They’ll discover tiny tweaks that pay huge dividends in cementing new habits and high performance behaviours. This talk provides a practical blueprint for shepherding change at any level.
    Key Takeaways:
    • The hidden mental obstacles that sabotage your goals.
    • The psychological barriers that are killing your progress - and how to fix them.
    • Counterintuitive insights to make positive habits stick for good.
    • Small tweaks that will lead to huge improvements.
  • Innovation survivor: How to outthink, outsmart, and outlast your competitors
    It is our ability to generate breakthrough ideas to business challenges and opportunities that is what literally enables us to outthink, outsmart and outlast our competitors.
    Dr Amantha Imber will take you through the latest scientific findings in relation to what really drives highly inventive and disruptive thinking – and how participants can apply these findings to their role.
    You will walk away with a set of practical tools that you can use immediately to innovate what you do and disrupt the competition.
    Key takeaways:
    • A set of practical tools to drive breakthrough thinking.
    • The skills to literally outthink and outlast competitors.
    • Tools that can easily be communicated to your teams and others within the organisation to help drive an innovation culture

Testimonials for Dr Amantha Imber

Amantha blew me away.
Executive General Manager Sales & Service
Medibank Private

Amantha is a person who makes a lasting impression and changes people’s lives.
VP Innovation

Disarming, engaging and thought provoking. Thoroughly recommend.
Head of Consumer

Amantha was the highlight of our conference and people are still talking about it.
Head of HR
Coca-Cola Amatil

Compelling, intrusive, provocative and insightful.
VP Strategy
Wunderman EMEA

I can't believe how much of an impact 40 minutes can make! Amantha Imber provided tools to inspire, create, motivate and change the way we go about our day to day business, and continue to evolve our point of difference from our competitors. Great job!
DMG Radio

It was during the final session of an incredibly boring seminar that Amantha Imber made her first impression on me. She blew me away. She was quirky, engaging, energetic, energising and incredibly insightful. Since then, I've involved Amantha in running my part of the business because she causes people to be more productive in their roles by helping them to be more creative. Amantha is one of those great educators who does not teach things, she helps people to discover things. I have no hesitation in recommending Amantha to any business leader.
Medibank Private

Amantha Imber is a peerless facilitator of any creativity, innovation, thinking-related workshop, conference and gathering. Her seemingly light delivery and interaction with the audiences is the tip of an iceberg of the depth of her science knowledge and understanding of human mind at work. I am a shameless fan of Amantha's work.
Innofuture Conference

Amantha Imber provides her audience with strategies that are directly translatable into practice – no small feat given the phobias and anxieties that a large number of people experience when reflecting upon their own personal levels of creativity. I recently invited Amantha Imber to present both a keynote address and a workshop at a conference for Tasmanian teachers. Amantha’s keynote was exceptional and profoundly moving for me as a person and as an educator. The conference has since proven to be something of a hit. The ‘secret weapon’, in my opinion, was Amantha Imber!
Vocational and Applied Learning

Amantha Imber is not only a wonderful person to deal with, she is creative, organised and so clearly in her element when presenting on stage. Amantha spoke at our Businesswomen's Breakfast Series event in Sydney and the entire audience were both engaged and enthralled during her talk. We all came away with useful and valuable information that was immediately applicable to our careers. I am looking forward to the Melbourne presentation and recommend Amantha to others seeking a dynamic speaker or innovation consultant without hesitation.
Network Central

Amantha Imber presentation was ... a surprise!... original, funny, dynamic, curious, interesting and useful. I had the pleasure to invite, and bet, on Amantha for our annual conference and she exceeded all expectations. I am sure we will have future opportunities to explore.

Like most people, I’m only half listening to the presentations towards the end of conferences. That’s because my attention is focussed on the long list of emails on the BlackBerry I’m hiding under the table. Amantha Imber’s presentation was different. It was compelling, intrusive, provocative and insightful. I powered off my BlackBerry and listened.
Wunderman Emea

“Your topic “Overcoming Creative Blocks” proved highly relevant to all our attendees as evident by a great turnout. Considering that NAFAis comprised of a diverse bunch of creatives, I was most impressed you held the group spell-bound for the hour. In fact, I noticed that no-one dared to leave in case they missed one of your gems! You certainly entertained and inspired us with your willingness to share insights and strategies.”