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Key Points for Domonique Bertolucci

  • Domonique Bertolucci has sold over 250,000 copies of her books.
  • She signed a four-series deal with Audible as a creator and host for the Audible Original Podcast Program.
  • Domonique hosts #1 Podcast on Audible - personal development category 30+ weeks in the Top 10 globally.
  • She was the most senior woman in a billion-dollar company.
  • Domonique started her first career as a fashion model but was told she wasn't thin enough and that her smile was much too wide.
  • She worked for a Stanford Research Institute spin-off during the first boom.
  • Has spent 20 years coaching, writing, and speaking about happiness and success.
  • Has given hundreds of interviews across all forms of media: TV, radio, print and online.
  • Has had her advice seen, read or heard by more than 10m people.
  • Domonique loves dark chocolate, good coffee, and her husband and two children.

Topics for Domonique Bertolucci

  • Motivation
    How to achieve your goals with less stress and more ease
    From a young age, we are told that we need to set goals and achieve them if we want to live a happy and successful life. But the reality is most people fail to achieve their goals, most of the time… and it doesn’t feel good.
    They blame themselves for lacking motivation, commitment or staying power. But what if ‘we’ are not the problem? What if the real problem lies with the nature of goals themselves: how we set them, when we set them, and why we set them.
    Having something to aim for like goals, targets or KPIs can be really valuable. Having deep clarity and understanding of why they exist - the intention behind them - is the key to taking consistent, inspired, motivated action towards them.
    Domonique will show you how to achieve your boldest ambitions with much less stress and much greater ease. You will learn why the traditional approach to setting SMART goals is outdated, what you really need to focus on if you want to live a happy and successful life.
    You will discover:
    • Why the majority of what you’ve been taught about goal-setting is wrong, and the right way to think about your goals instead.
    • The most common reason why people fail to achieve their goals and what you can do about it.
    • Why goals are only one way to get what you want and how to work out if and when you should use them.
    • How to maintain your motivation in an authentic and sustainable way.
    • What you really need to do when you want to achieve something, so that nothing can stop you from making it happen.
  • Mindset
    How to master your mindset and get more out of life
    Most people begin any change by focussing on the actions they need to take. But, taking action is actually the last place you should begin if you want to create lasting or sustainable change.
    Just as an architect will create a 3D plan to understand how a finished project will look, you need to consider three spaces of change if you want to get to your desired end result — your Head Space, your Heart Space, and your Dynamic Space.
    Your thoughts, your feelings and your actions.
    These three aspects need to be considered together and not separately if you want to achieve your goals, create new habits, and make other changes in your life. And, to give yourself the best chance of success, you need to start any chance with a solid foundation — with your thoughts.
    Domonique draws on the principals of positive psychology and shows you how to master your mindset, so that creating and maintaining change in your life becomes natural and easy for you.
    You will discover:
    • The three step approach to creating lasting change in your life.
    • How to tell if your mindset is working for you and what to do if it's not.
    • Why BHAGs (big, hairy, audacious goals) are overrated and what you should focus on instead.
    • The secret to taking inspired, motivated action instead of having to force yourself to get ‘stuff’ done.
    • Why most people fail to achieve their goals and how to set yourself up for success every single time.
  • Connection
    How to build deeper and more meaningful connections
    As full time WFH comes to an end for most, one of the the main benefits people see in returning to the office is connection.
    But, feeling connected isn’t just a social benefit - with Gen Z listing connection as the #1 thing they want from the return to the office, building a deeper, more meaningful sense of connection with your
    colleagues, team and throughout your organisation is also a retention imperative.
    Whether you’re back at the office or hybrid working, being around people more often only creates interaction, not connection. After the novelty of office gossip, free snacks or beers after work wears off, if this desire for authentic connection remains unfulfilled, your employees may go looking for it elsewhere.
    Domonique draws on over 20 years of experience as a coach and shares her top strategies for creating high quality connections, so that the people you engage with feel seen, heard and understood.
    You will discover:
    • The real difference between connection and interaction and why it matters.
    • How to instantly create a deeper connections so that people feel seen, heard and understood.
    • The #1 mistake people make when trying to build connection and what you should do instead.
    • The four coaching ‘hacks’ that are guaranteed to create better quality connection in all your relationships.
    • The five key ingredients of any authentic connection and how to make sure you’re including them in all your interactions.
  • Resilience
    How to thrive in life and keep moving forward
    The events of the last few years have meant that most people had to learn to adjust to change at breakneck speed. While some have been able to navigate this uncertainty successfully, many have been left feeling overwhelmed, exhausted or burnt out.
    After a lifetime of being told to set goals and focus on achieving them, feeling like so much is out of their control has left a lot of people feeling anxious or demotivated - some are even questioning if they should even be bothered to try.
    Rather than giving up, giving in or waiting until the future feels certain again, what they really need is a new strategy for making progress in their lives… one that is a better fit for the times we are all living in.
    Domonique takes an intention based approach to creating a plan for your future, and shows you how to maintain your focus and commitment while being truly nimble as you navigate any changes that occur along the way.
    You will discover:
    • How to set your personal ‘True North’ and use this to guide you towards the things you really want.
    • The three things you need to focus on to feel confident and resilient regardless of what life throws your way.
    • How to pivot in a way that keeps you on track.
    • The future-proof way to plan for the things you really want.
    • The secret to consistently taking inspired, motivated action even when you are forced to deviate from your plan.
  • Happiness
    How to be the happiest person you know
    With the ‘Great Resignation’, ‘The Great Reflection’, and the ‘Big Disengagement’ all well underway, there has never been a more important time to help your people to understand what makes them tick, and what they need in order to live a happy and fulfilling life.
    People are asking themselves the question, ‘Am I really happy?’ But without proper guidance on how to explore this question, they risk arriving at quick-fix answers or making knee-jerk decisions that ultimately don’t address the underlying issue.
    While in the short term a dramatic change like resigning from your job can feel like a release, unless you take the time to properly understand what makes you happy, within a short period of time you will find yourself feeling just as frustrated as before.
    Domonique takes a values based approach to the question, ‘What makes you happy?’ and shows you how to work out what to do with your answer; what you really need to change and what you want to make sure stays the same.
    You will discover:
    • The four key places most people look for happiness and why you’ll never find it there.
    • The three fastest and easiest ways to boost your happiness regardless of your circumstances.
    • The most important question you will ever ask yourself and what to do with your answer.
    • Why you should start any change with a 10% improvement and how to work out what yours should be.
    • How to come up with your own unique formula for a happy and fulfilling life.
  • Leadership
    How to be an inspiring and empowering leader
    Leaders are always being asked to coach their teams, but very few know what it really means to be a coach and how to make sure they are doing it well. Throw in the challenges of hybrid working and distributed teams and there has never been a more important time to harness the power of coaching to get the best out of your people.
    While a good leader might know they need to direct, engage, motivate and inspire their team, a great leader knows exactly how to do it.
    Domonique draws on over twenty years of experience and explains not only why every leader needs to be a coach, but what it means to be a truly intentional one, so that you can give your people the support they need to give you their best.
    You will discover:
    • The most common mistake people make when coaching and what you need to do instead.
    • The four essential coaching skills everyone needs and how and when to use them.
    • The three fundamental truths every good coach believes and why they matter to you and your team.
    • How to coach someone out of circular thinking and into problem solving.
    • The four-step formula for high quality coaching conversions regardless of the circumstances.

Testimonials for Domonique Bertolucci

In a world of gurus, Domonique’s simple approach to finding happiness and success makes good sense.
Sydney Morning Herald

I absolutely love Domonique’s message. She inspires you to choose happiness by living with authenticity and embracing the real you. I hope you find her as inspiring as I do.

Super engaging with great content and actionable ideas.

Domonique is brilliant. Book her today!
Thought Leaders

The event was a great success and we received excellent feedback on your presentation.
Event Manager

Domonique is a great speaker, very engaging. She gave a really well-structured presentation with lots of tangible messages and take-outs.
Meeting and Event Planner

Congratulations on your superb presentation. The event was a great success and your talk was immensely enjoyed by all who attended.
Women's Network

Easy to listen to, captivating and very thought provoking.
CPA Accountant

The feedback from the event was simply stunning.

Domonique is an extremely polished media performer and provided a highly engaging focus for media representatives. I can highly recommend her as an ambassador and spokesperson.
NSW Lotteries

Simple, practical and applicable. Everything she said made so much sense.

Excellent, thought provoking and very relevant today.
HR Manager

Domonique exudes passion and is so authentic.
Peak Performance

Domonique was brilliant. She had the audience glued to every word.
Real Estate Director