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Key Points for Dominic Thurbon

  • Dominic Thurbon is recognized globally for his expertise in driving behavior change, particularly in the face of external disruptions.
  • With best-selling publications spanning topics such as generational change, purpose-driven leadership, and disruptive innovation, Dom's insights have impacted readers across 15 countries.
  • As the founder of Karrikins Group and Educator Impact, Dom demonstrated his entrepreneurial prowess by building successful ventures later acquired by major companies.
  • Dom's influence extends through his captivating speeches, having addressed diverse audiences worldwide in industries ranging from finance to education, and from government to not-for-profit sectors.

Topics for Dominic Thurbon

  • Making the most of the AI transformation
    We are in the midst of one of the most important industrial revolutions since the printing press. Generative AI is already transforming industries and the change is just getting started. Almost every sector is ripe for further digitisation and there is enormous value to be had for both organisations and their customers in getting the journey right.
    BUT – the truth is, companies don’t change, people do. According to 2023’s ‘Most Innovative Companies’ report, the organisations getting the most value out of AI are spending twice as much on people as they are on technology! Change is a human journey, and if we want to make the most of this opportunity everyone from Boards and executive leadership through the line managers through to front line staff all have a role to play.
    In this provocative, eye-opening and optimistic session with internationally engaged author and speaker and experience senior executive, Dom Thurbon, we will:
    • Unpack the manifold ways in which AI (and other disruptive technologies) has, and will continue to, disrupt industries – and reimagine the profound opportunities it creates for organisations that get the change right.
    • Look at the five responses to change which all of us will experience and navigate every time we are presented with times like this.
    • Delve into a toolkit for managing our response that helps us control our fear and anxiety, and be productive and constructive in our responses.
    • Learn that the future is not a place we are going, it is a place we are creating – and that each of us has agency in how we shape what the AI-enabled future of our business and industry looks like.
  • Leadership and impact
    Leading yourself, your team and your organisation to new heights
    There is no greater predictor of organisational outcomes than leadership impact. Put simply: you can take a company with rough-as-guts systems, an unbalanced scorecard, and a sketchy strategy – but if you put world-class leaders in it they will generally find a way to make it work. Conversely, take an organisation with amazing systems, a refined strategy, and a balanced scorecard – and if you put poor leaders in it, they will find a way to screw it up.
    So… too all the managers and leaders out there… no pressure!
    But this sets the context to asking, exploring and answering one of the most critical questions for businesses of all shapes and sizes: how do we, as leaders, maximise the quality and size of our impact on our teams, our businesses and the communities in which we operate?
    In this highly interactive, provocative, and intensely practical session, successful senior executive, entrepreneur and facilitator Dom Thurbon will:
    • Unpack a 3-level model for executive leadership grounded in empirical science and evidence that will enable people to think about their leadership and their role in new ways.
    • Delve into the foundational importance of leading yourself, including the link between values, purpose and impact and the way leaders ‘show up’.
    • Explore the leading edge of leading teams, including setting standards, situational leadership, and the critical importance of truth-telling, feedback and dealing with the hard things head-on.
    • Work through the big picture of leading organisations, including setting the stage for innovative and agility, taking point of incisive strategy, and creating cultures of engagement and performance [when delivered as a workshop].
    • Create space for individual leaders to discuss, debate, reflect and ultimately apply what they’ve learned to their own leadership context, leaving with not just a new way of seeing things but new tools to unleash their impact.
  • Behaviour change
    You and your business have a behaviour change challenge… you just might not know it yet!!
    Ever had someone in your business say “we need to be more innovative”, “we need to respond to disruption” or “we need to do things differently”?
    The truth is, it doesn’t matter how much you know about innovation, how many books you’ve read on AI and disruption, how many podcasts you’ve listened to on sales effectiveness… if you can’t do behaviour change, you can’t do, any of them.
    That’s because organisations don’t change, people do.
    In this thought-provoking and compelling session audiences will:
    • Unpack the core drivers of human behaviour, and the 5 universal responses to ALL change you will encounter.
    • Share inspiring, industry-relevant case studies and stories that are packed with usable insights.
    • Unpack a simple 3-step toolkit we can use to be more effective in making change happen inside our organisations.
  • Sustainability, ESG & purpose
    The market has never been so ‘hot’ for conversations about sustainability and ESG. On one level, that’s brilliant: it could herald in a new age of sustainable business and accelerate our transition to a cleaner, more just, more equitable world (and help companies innovate and transform, along the way).
    On another level, it runs the very real risk of going the way that many similar conversations have gone before: more marketing and PR hype than action.
    The truth is, you cannot PR your way out of a problem you behaved yourself into.
    In this thought-provoking and compelling session audiences will:
    • Demystify what ESG and sustainability really mean for you and your team.
    • Examine mega-trends that drive both the risks and opportunities of ESG.
    • Unpack the oft-misunderstood link between ESG and corporate ‘purpose’.
    • Develop practical, usable strategies that can help you leverage the ESG agenda to drive greater sustainability and improved performance.
  • Disruption & innovation
    The world is changing more rapidly and profoundly than ever. Around 40% of CEOs say their business will cease to exist within 10 years without radical reinvention.
    Responding to disruption with innovation and behaviour change is an urgent business priority. But HOW!?
    In this thought-provoking and compelling session audiences will:
    • Explore the major forces of disruption that are affecting you and your business.
    • Look at the difference between organisations that successfully change, adapt and thrive … and those that don’t unpack a toolkit for driving real, dollar-productive innovation in the face of change and uncertainty.

Testimonials for Dominic Thurbon

Dom is outstanding and really hut the mark. Very inspiring for our business’s leaders.
Gary Peer and Associates

Hands down the highlight of the event.  Dominic delivers riveting content on CX and the future of customer needs with energy, humour and packed with business changing take-home value.
Real Estate Results

Dominic was the star of our recent event for real estate leaders.  He did a 90 minute session on change, what’s coming, how to prepare and how to turn disruption into opportunity.  He managed to be confronting, highly relevant, high energy and funny.  Ground breaking and packed with take-home value.
LJ Hooker

Dominic gave a series of dynamic and engaging presentations to our staff in Darwin and Alice Springs. His impressive knowledge, sense of humour and style inspired our staff around the potential to unleash collaboration and innovation in our organisation. He crafted a presentation that was right on brief and extremely relevant given the present climate of rapid change in the education and training industry. I would highly recommend Dominic for your next event; his passion is contagious and he speaks the right language to affect real behaviour change.
Charles Darwin University 

WOW! What a truly terrific, inspiring and informative session you ran yesterday for the International HRD Forum. The room was just buzzing after you finished and so many of our members told me how much they had enjoyed your session. It was a highly entertaining, thoughtful, informative, fun and very relevant session to our group of HR Directors, few of whom would be immune to the challenges you described around building a collaborative technology culture, regardless of the size of their organisation or the industry in which they operate.
CEO Forum Group

Dominic is a fantastic, dynamic presenter who really demystified the whole ‘technology’ thing for us. His presentation was engaging, entertaining and – best of all – really valuable to us in the way we work.
Glaxo SmithKilne

Dom Thurbon made us think very differently and we were all buzzing with new ideas at the end of the session. I would highly recommend Dom to work with your team – you will certainly be engaged, challenged and very creative with your approach.
Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Dominic delivered a series of presentations for our senior client audience. His presentations were right on brief and really inspired people about the potential to unleash collaboration and innovation in their organisations. He speaks the language of business, understands business models and tailors his message to suit the audience. His dynamic and engaging style affects real behavioural and attitudinal change and his entertaining and energetic style made him a real hit with the audience.

Dominic is an engaging and enthusiastic presenter whose infectious energy really got the audience involved. His message was perfectly tailored to our audience and through his style and content he is able to make a real impact. He entertains and informs in equal measure and is a dynamic presenter who I would not hesitate to recommend for your next event.
Commonwealth Bank Foundation

Dominic is a fantastic, dynamic presenter who really demystified the whole thing for us. His presentation was engaging, entertaining and – best of all – really valuable to us in the way we work. I know a lot of people came away from his session with many ideas about how their teams could embrace these tools and improve how they work!
Learning & Development Manager, GlaxoSmithKline

We had the pleasure of Dom Thurbon presenting to the team. It made us think very differently and we were all buzzing with new ideas at the end of the session. We would highly recommend Dom to work with your team – you will be certainly be engaged, challenged and very creative with your approach.
Head of Corporate Marketing, Australian Broadcasting Corporation