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Dianne McGrath

Key Points

  • Dianne McGrath is down to the last 100 candidates worldwide for Mars One, a project to set up the first human colony on Mars.
  • An expert on sustainability, Dianne is a Director on the board of the Open Food Network, a not-for-profit organisation in the food sustainability / community food space.
  • Dianne’s research focuses on the tremendous food waste in the hospitality sector, including cafes, restaurants, pubs, catering and take away.
  • With expertise in environmental management, sustainable practice, food sustainability and food security, as well as policy development, marketing, retail, hospitality and tourism, Dianne sees the issue from all sides. 
  • Dianne is one of Australia’s few biohackers, self-experimenters, and researchers. She applies leading edge thinking and technology to transform her health and life for a future where she will be the best version of herself possible: Dianne 2.0. She has reversed vision impairment, improved bone mass, turned back the ageing process, increased cognitive function, healed ‘unhealable’ wounds, and guided others on their own self-optimisation journeys.
  • Other keynotes cover: social license to operate (e.g., values/ethics in decision-making; risk management; establishing business culture; upskilling oneself and the organization; trust, integrity and leadership).
  • Dianne is also a Masters program lecturer, PhD researcher, blogger and Director.
  • Mars One related appearances include: ABC 24 The World, TEDxMelbourne, Studio 10, Sunrise, SpaceUp Australia conference, Women Say Something, Future Crunch, Mars Lab at Powerhouse Museum, The Project, Channel 7 News, Huddle Design Week and The Wheeler Centre, in addition to featuring in numerous radio, print and online articles around the world, as well as in four documentaries. The primary documentary is Mars Calling by 5&A films.
  • Sustainability and Watch My Waste related public appearances include Transitions Film Festival, Phenomenom, and War on Waste. Dianne has also featured in numerous radio, print and online articles related to her food waste research work, and sustainability expertise.

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