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Key Points for Derek Percival

  • If you're looking for something a little different, then it's time to hear from Derek Percival.
  • After 8 years designing and conducting a variety of training programs for the Australian Army, combined with a short lived but exciting AFL career, Derek Percival has become program director and now part owner of Mischief Motivation Attitude, a boutique company specialising in conference and training programs in time creation, leadership, high performing teams and personality profiling.
  • Derek Percival enjoys the tough stuff, he does not mind scratching beneath the surface to focus on the real issues at hand, that may be 'stop being the victim' and be accountable and responsible for you. He also has a passion that encourages people to be themselves and to stop being so reliant on what others think.

Topics for Derek Percival

  • Total focus
    The difference between focus and total focus is how to turn the seemingly impossible into the possible. Have you always wanted to be able to remember people’s names? How does it make you feel when people remember yours? Total focus teaches you how to remember names, numbers, dates, important presentations and much more…whilst having fun along the way.
  • Team efficiency
    Learn about the 4-team quadrants of ‘My Way-No Way-Our Way and The Way’ Derek’s streetwise approach and unique experiential exercises reveal many traits and insights into real life situations. From here we can build on team spirit, how to improve communications, create a leadership culture and emphasise the importance of a common goal.
  • Life balance
    With all the ever-increasing work pressures and demands placed on us these days we tend to forget one thing. (ourselves) Using the B*A*S*I*C strategy Derek delivers a powerful message based on the fact if you’re not happy; you are the only one who can change it! He provides ideas and realistic examples of how to overcome the obstacles that you will inevitably face and (hopefully) how to develop a better Work/Life Balance.
  • Facilitation
    Identify the key aspects in your future and use the expertise, which exists within your group, to plan future success. Key issues, products and services are identified, analysed and blueprinted for future success. We show you how to use your team's own expertise to find real solutions within the group.
  • Self awareness
    A key ingredient in all successful leaders is the ability to understand and relate to others. As a necessary prerequisite, we must first achieve a level of self-understanding. Enhance personal understanding of our own individual drivers, style and emotional responses. To recognise personal strengths and areas that need awareness and provide time for personal reflection and action planning on a regular basis.
  • The leadership ladder
    Genuine Leadership, real leadership has 6 fundamental and universal requirements. These apply regardless of the leader’s personal style, the size or nature of the team, the industry, project or timelines. All leaders will benefit by auditing their own leadership style against the Leadership Ladder.

Testimonials for Derek Percival

Derek Percival took the time to understand our needs and was able to put together a program that was well suited and well received from the team.
Philip Morris

So very interesting as a person, puts your own life into perspective and challenges your thinking.
Association of Hospital Supply Officers and Administrators

Thanks for wowing our delegates at ‘un-manage 2004’ - the feedback has been fantastic! Congratulations on a great session and look forward to the opportunity to have you involved again.
Australian Institute of Management.
This is one of the best team building sessions we have been on. It was planned and executed exceptionally well. Excellent!
Thank-you for a terrific job, the feedback was fantastic!  Your session was one of the highlights of the conference.
Thank you so much for a great day on the Friday – sensational job – you were magic and I look forward to working with you again.
MAS National Apprenticeship Services
Thanks for the tremendous effort you put into making the day a success, it was both fun and very informative for the whole team and has provided a platform for future team and personal awareness education.
Excellent!” Derek Percival was one of the highlights of our conference. Derek provided the kind of energy required to get the most of our participants which directly contributed to the successful outcome of the conference.
Child Support Agency

Excellent, Thanks for the session. We have had some very good feedback in elaborate ways! We have decided to give prizes to them all!
The level of feedback from staff attending the retreat confirms that Derek did an excellent job, allowing us to have lots of fun and learn something at the same time.
Derek Percival took this on with great drive and efficiency and made it happen – we were inventing on the way with this event and he was outstanding. I look forward to working with him again.
Thorough planning, entertaining and professional.
Happenings Australia
Great fun! Interactive, good for audience participation and movement. Totally involved audience.
Heinz Watties
The program that Derek Percival provided was excellent, everyone had a really good time, laughed a lot which was very important to us, but more importantly they worked well in teams and took something from the program back home with them.
Stramit Building Supplies
We had quite a few people there who have been on many other offsites and they all said that, because they had so much fun doing all the team building activities, this was the best offsite they had been on!
Thankyou for your contribution in making the Orica Excellent Awards an outstanding success. Your humour on stage was funny but also very professional.
Imagine IF Creative Solutions
First class team of facilitators! They were spot on identifying the issues. A fine effort and enjoyable day.
Derek Percival was very good and easy to listen to. The whole team (70 delegates) became involved immediately. The analogies Derek used for each personality profile was excellent. It made a lot of sense and reinforced the idea of how to deal with our work mates (and our manager's). I liked too that he used the same analogy for the different personalities.  The team building activities were great and clearly demonstrated the different ways in which we work as a team (and in some instances), don' t work in a team. The group learnt when to proceed with an activity, when to leave it alone, and understood how it related to their work environment. People really got something out of the sessions.
VERITAS Software.
Well-organised, great activities that got people involved.
British American Tobacco Australia.
Derek Percival's energy and ability to engage his audience made his presentation style interesting and motivating. I want him to come and present to my team!
Department of Health.
Very energetic, fun, and inspirational. “Derek & Scott were very committed and passionate to the cause and have found the right level when communicating with people who need to get out a 'rut'. They have become icons for the long term unemployed in the Dandenong area.  The content of their training was relevant and meaningful.
Salvation Army
Excellent, Derek Percival was great, the staff enjoyed his presentation.
Eastern Access Community Health
Thanks again for a fantastic session on Thursday - everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Thanks again for such a fun and professional session.
George Western Foods
Many thanks Derek... your presentation will live in my memory as one of the best ever!  Thanks
Department for Families and Communities
Derek Percival's workshop was fantastic and got ALL our staff working together as one. His energy and enthusiasm was infectious and his session was one of the highlights of a very successful week for us.
Derek Percival got the group pumped up and ready and for the team building activity. Then the activity itself was an excellent idea at getting the groups mixing and working together. 

Excellent. He was engaging, to the point, addressed our concerns and kept the staff involved. He was excellent, patient and appropriate with the 'mouthy' group but managed to engage and stimulate everyone with the specific areas of importance. Fabulous presenter with great energy!
Linak Australia

Derek Percival brought great enthusiasm and focus to our team of staff, for our ‘team building’ day. Derek appeared to be perceptive of the group dynamics and inspired our staff to reflect on how they work in their individual roles and as a team.
Life Without Barriers