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Key Points for Debora Krizak

  • Debora is an award-winning and Helpmann nominated leading musical theatre actress
  • She is an entertainer, MC, voice over artist, writer
  • Has performed for clients such as Qantas, Paralympic Opening Games, The Ashes Test Cricket, The AFL Grand Final Breakfast, PNG’s Susa Mama’s Charity, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
  • Has presented and hosted for Channel 9, Channel 7 and Channel 10’s The Music Shop
  • Is the author of How Would You Like Your Eggs? A book on her experiences with IVF
  • Is a successful marathon runner and 100k Oxfam walker

Topics for Debora Krizak

  • Character Performer and MC
    • MC, meet and great guests and perform as characters such as Marilyn Monroe, Hilary Clinton and Ab Fab
    • Can write and customise songs for client's particular requirements
  • Acapella Roaming Group
    • Three glamorous girls singing popular covers acapella style
  • Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone
    • Physical challenges and a mind “re-set”
    • Change your life through physical challenge
  • Women’s Health and Fertility Issues

Testimonials for Debora Krizak

The final show stopping performance is Debora Krizak. World weary, funny, angry, she sings and dances up a storm as Nicki – one of Charity’s Fandango ballroom girlfriends – and you can’t take your eyes off her when she transforms (almost instantly!) into spoiled glamour girl Ursula. Leggy, gorgeous, GLAMOROUS – look out music theatre! Here is a soon to be giant star.
Diva Knows Best

The third star of the production is Debora Krizak as Charity's best friend, the wise-cracking, world-weary Nickie. Krizak was the unintentional star of the most recent production of A Chorus Line when her Sheila blew away everyone else on stage and she is as dynamic here too. She also doubles as sulky Ursula - at one point in a 40 seconds quick change so that many in the audience didn't realise Nickie and Ursula are one and the same. Krizak and Hunt-Ballard are (horrible phrase, sorry) world-class and it's no surprise to hear that Broadway has come sniffing.
Diana Simmonds

Debora Krizak shines as Nickie, one of the more jaded dance hall hostesses, and is easily the raunchiest and most colourful of characters. Krizak’s ability to portray earthiness and pathos is a real highlight.
Suzy Goes Sees

Krizak is a superb Nickie
Sydney Morning Herald

Special mention goes to Debora Krizak who did a terrific job as Charity’s wisecracking, world-wearied bestie, Nickie, oozing sass and sarcasm.
Aphra Magazine

Debora Krizak gives Sheila the perfect attitude and is a stunning dancer and skilled comic, using attitude, timing and facial expressions to great effect.
The Barefoot Review

Debora Krizak is sultry and sexy…The only woman on the Australian stage with legs as long as Rhonda Burchmore’s.
Derryn Hinch
The Human Headline

The standout discovery of the cast is the shimmering Debora Krizak as world weary Sheila. Her terrific acting, singing and dancing, not to mention presence, surely indicate a busy future on stage.
Simon Paris

Debora Krizak as Sheila was the obvious standout and the crowd’s firm favourite, getting huge laughs at every line, turn and eyebrow raise…
Sydney Morning Herald

Debora Krizak is so beautifully statuesque and has the gift of comic timing; she steals scenes right and left. The best of the night.
Aussie Theatre

Statuesque, world-weary Sheila (“Can the adults please smoke?”) was brilliantly played by Debora Krizak , with regal carriage and dry wit.
Arts Hub

Performance-wise Debora Krizak almost walked away with the show. Statuesque and brittle, she never missed a beat or a laugh.
Stage Whisper