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Key Points for David Chiem

  • David Chiem is an award-winning entrepreneur and visionary leader who has taken on the Goliath of the education system and started a global education revolution. As the Founder CEO and Executive Chairman of MindChamps PreSchool Ltd, he has created an education model for the 21st century, preparing the next generation for the unknown world and workplace of the future.
  • Through his vision and strategic leadership, David has succeeded in taking his organisation to the No.1 brand position in the highly competitive Singapore premium preschool space, having it listed on the mainboard of the Singapore Exchange, and turning it into a global movement.
  • David is the creator of the 3-Mind Revolution and the Trinity Leadership Model, the foundation of MindChamps’ success. He is the best-selling author of The 3-Mind Revolution, Deeper than the Ocean, The Art of Communicating with your Child, Talking to the Sky, Only the Heart, The Full Story, and Trinity Leadership.
  • Only the Heart, a novel based on David’s own journey from Vietnam to Australia, is in its 23rd print and was on NSW’s Higher School Certificate (HSC) and the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) English literature set text list for many years. It is being made into a motion picture to be directed by Oscar-nominated director, Scott Hicks.
  • David has drawn accolades from Dr Joseph Michelli, #1 New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author, who chose to write about MindChamps, following his books on global brand leaders such as Mercedes-Benz and The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company.
  • David has been honoured with numerous awards including 2008 Entrepreneur of the Year, Rotary~ASME, 2010 Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year, Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards, 2013 Franchisor of the Year, (all categories) Franchising & Licensing Association Singapore, 2014 Top 10 CEOs of the Year, Peak Magazine, 2016 Top CEO Brand Leader of the Year, Influential Brands®, 2018 Named among Asia’s Greatest Brands & Leaders – by  AsiaOne Magazine & United Research Services which selected the Top 100 over seven Asian countries, 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year, Australian Chamber of Commerce, Singapore.

Topics for David Chiem

  • Champion corporate mindset – How to attain maturity in the three areas of self, business and corporate
    David Chiem epitomises the Champion Mindset philosophy, and brings his corporate entrepreneurial approach into the workplace to lift performance and productivity.

    David’s work with Professor Snyder to isolate key components of mindset led to success, the creation of new and effective teaching and learning strategies to help people achieve their full potential. The insights were distilled from three ground-breaking Olympic Cultural Event forums What Makes a Champion? (Sydney 2000 and Beijing 2008 Olympics) and What Makes a Young Champion? (Youth Olympics, Singapore 2010).

  • Leadership - How to turn an idea into a global movement
    David’s leadership has a proven track record as he took MindChamps from a bold idea in 1998 to the No.1 brand position in the highly-competitive Singapore premium preschool space, and in 2017, to the only preschool organisation to be listed on the mainboard of the Singapore Exchange, leading to a global movement.

    In David’s latest book Trinity Leadership, he shares his years of studying the science of the human mind to craft a unique model of leadership involving Self, Thinking and Strategy – the model behind the success of MindChamps.

  • Education – David taking on the Goliath of the education system
    David’s vision is about educating for the future. He has achieved many breakthroughs with his education revolution that challenges the century-old education system that focusses on rote learning. His is an education system for the 21st century, preparing early childhood children, so that they can adapt to the unknown world they will face in 2040, when they enter the workforce.

    David is the best-selling author of The 3-Mind Revolution, outlining his powerful approach to education, based on mastering the 3 Minds: the Champion Mind, the Creative Mind and the Learning Mind. Driven to fill the gaps in education that lead to students leaving 12 years of schooling without a love of learning, MindChamps developed its 3-Mind model and curriculum based on internationally validated research. This trinity of minds has become synonymous with the success of MindChamps in nurturing young people’s learning from preschool to tertiary level.

    David has attracted an amazing team of experts to the MindChamps World Advisory Board, including its Chair of Research, Emeritus Professor Allan Snyder, Fellow of the Royal Society, Founder of the Centre of the Mind at the University of Sydney, and its Senior Fellow, Emeritus Professor Steven Schwartz AM, FASSA, former Chairman of the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority.

Testimonials for David Chiem

David Chiem was a Guest Speaker in Adelaide at our Annual Fellow’s Dinner in 2016 for the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD). David was an exhilarating, passionate and engaging speaker who demonstrated a tremendous knowledge of his subject matter. His presentation was both educational and witty. He took the audience on a journey that at times left them spellbound and talking about for months afterwards.
Australian Institute of Company Directors SA & NT

Our company recently engaged David Chiem to speak at one of our live events, attended by over 200 business owners. I am pleased to say that David's presentation was extremely well received to the point where I can highly recommend David to others. His presentation was full of great stories, easy to implement strategies and David's delivery was engaging and captivating.
Founder & CEO
Business Blueprint & Bizversity

I am amazed at David’s persistence and determination to get his message to the world. He is an extraordinary communicator both written and verbal. If there is one word that comes to mind when I think of David, it is IMPECCABLE.  David is impeccable with his word, his manner, his humility, his grit, his knowledge, his wisdom and his approach to business and life.  David is both professional and larger than life; and he understands how life fashions heroes.  I love that he is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in and is making some potently positive changes in this world.  David inspires anyone fortunate enough to be in his orbit.  Thank you David for inspiring so many; and especially for your message to the world.
Pauline Nguyen
Award Winning Author, one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs