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Key Points for David Allison

  • He is the director of Brand Strategy for Meyler Capital and a partner in Global Treefort Ltd. a global think-tank working with large corporate brands.
  • He launched and then 10 years later sold an award-winning marketing communications firm with clients based in Canada, USA, Central America and the Caribbean.
  • He is the author of numerous books including Sell The Truth and We Are All The Same Age Now

Topics for David Allison

  • How to Activate ANY Audience in a Post-Demographic World
    Valuegraphics is the new science of shared values, using big data to detect what your audience really wants, and the messages that will motivate them most. David will explain what the Valuegraphics Database reveals about the audience for your specific product, service, brand or industry. He will give you concrete steps to implement this powerful information, and how to motivate your audience to do what you want them to do. Delegates attending this presentation will learn how to be far more influential at activating the audiences they need to reach – as much as eight times more effectively than ever before.

  • Financial - Online and Off: What Motivates Bank Customers the Most?
    Valuegraphics Profiles reveal intriguing differences between online bank customers and those who visit bank branches in person, including motivations that the industry is largely unaware of. How can a brick & mortar bank attract more profitable customers? How can an online bank win-over traditional clients? Leave this session ready to engage with customers at a whole new level, with deep data insights about what they are looking for, what values you can leverage, and how you can motivate them to choose your products and services more often. As with every speech, David can speak broadly to the Valuegraphics for the industry, or go deep into a particular product, service or brand.

  • Marketing - This Changes Things: Rethinking Marketing 101
    Thanks to the flattening forces of technology we have entered the post-demographic era: stereotypes based on age, gender, income, marital status and more can no longer be relied on to profile and understand target audience behaviour. This is an enormous shift for anyone involved in any form of consumer engagement, and it’s so new that it has yet to be worked into the curriculum in business schools or marketing programs. With deep data from the Valuegraphics Database, attendees will leave this session with eyes-wide-open about the end of demographic stereotypes and how counterproductive they can be. They will also learn how to use shared values to profile the audiences they need to reach with as much as eight times greater effectiveness. After all, what we value determines what we do, so knowing the values your target audience shares means you know how to motivate more people more often. This presentation can also be tailored to include custom information for any product, service, brand or industry.

  • Human Resources - Are You the One That I Want? Matching Employer and Employee Values
    Daily, it seems, there are new books launched about what employers want, and new seminars announced about how to attract the best talent. How can there be so much information and so little progress made? We believe it’s all about values; because what we value determines what we do, and how we see the world. Employers need to know the values of the Job-seekers they are courting, and how to engage with the different Valuegraphics Profiles we’ve extrapolated from the database of 75,000 surveys. Job-seekers should be armed with the same insights: what do decision-makers value, want, need and expect? What motivates them to make the choices they do? This presentation can be tailored to focus on either side of this matchmaking exercise, but for employers and job-seekers alike, knowing about both sides of the equation would be a significant advantage.

  • Platform Plus
    Customized Valuegraphics Workshop (3-4 hr)
    After a keynote presentation (3 hour workshop), or as a stand-alone engagement (4hour workshop), David will bring his 25 years of workshop facilitation skills to your organization, and lead your team through a Valuegraphics Workshop specifically designed for the objectives and goals of your company, industry or organization. Your team will be refreshed, focused on what your stakeholder groups and target audiences really want, and the messages that will motivate them the most. Before the session is over you will have a roadmap in hand to implement powerful Valuegraphics insights and achieve your organizational goals.

    There are three tangible outcomes. Valuegraphics guidelines for your organization will multiply the effectiveness of your planning, design and marketing communication efforts as much as eight times over.

Testimonials for David Allison

David is one of our favorite speakers to book for business conferences. Each time he speaks, the feedback from delegates is excellent.  They enjoy his energetic and fun delivery, but more importantly leave with information that asks them to look at the world in a different way.  Pushing people out of their normal day-to-day thinking is a part of what educational events such as ours strive to do, and David helps us meet those objectives regardless of the size or makeup of the audience.
Director, Conference Management and Marketing, Global Exhibitions
Informa Exhibitions

Innovation is central to everything we do, so choosing David to speak about Valuegraphics at our first ever Canada/USA all-staff conference was a perfect fit. There's nothing more innovative or necessary than discarding ageist ideas in the boardroom: at a time when generational change is on every corporate agenda, having science and data about how to proceed is crucial. Our internal shared values and those of our customers must be a priority, and David's research makes values a useful tool for meeting business objectives. He's a great speaker too! The whole room was excited and interested in thinking big new thoughts!
President and CEO
Intracorp North America

David Allison sees and hears the patterns in the noise — and is then able to tell us what the real signal is. He's a born storyteller and people love him.
Douglas Coupland
Artist, Author

Thank you for your help in connecting us with David Allison. The team found his speech informative and interesting and his delivery was excellent. David was very professional and made sure we knew of the logistics of his speech well in advance, which made our preparations for the day so much easier.
Vice President, Enterprise Resources and Innovation
QuadReal Property Group

David is a captivating and entertaining business speaker. His delivery of information and visual presentation engages our event attendees. We receive plenty of positive feedback. He has his own following, our last event with David was a sell-out, one of the largest responses we have ever had!
Director, Professional Development
Urban Development Institute

David knows how to engage an audience and keep them listening!
Minister of Justice
Attorney General of British Columbia

David applies energy and enthusiasm to all his interactions. He is a true professional, expressing genuine care and interest in creating forward thinking, tactful content that inspires and motivates attendees. Ingenuity, wit and spark contribute to his storytelling abilities; he truly shines on stage. Working with David was an absolute pleasure!
Event Manager Global Exhibitions
Informa Canada

David is certainly one of the best I have worked with: he is relaxed and passionate and makes sure everyone in the room is engaged.
Former Mayor of Vancouver
MLA for British Columbia

David spoke to our conference of private club marketing professionals from across North America, and he rocked the room. We had a ton of very positive feedback. He's dynamic, refreshing, and insightful. Fantastic speaker.
Director of Brand Experience and Marketing
The Vancouver Club

His thought provoking talk got me thinking about what my own core values and motivations are and opened my mind about a new way to view other people, rather than depending on the traditional and limited age-based demographic categorizations that are not ideal predictors of future behaviour. Delivered in his usual dynamic, enthusiastic and powerful speaking style, David captivated the room with his brilliant insights. I had several people come up to me at the end of his talk saying that he did a phenomenal job. I would definitely invite David back again to speak.
Executive Director
Urban Development Institute