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Key Points for Dave Sharma

  • Dave Sharma is a former ambassador, career diplomat and Member of Parliament who has worked for over two decades at senior levels of government, formulating Australian strategic policy, representing Australia overseas, and helping navigate some of the most testing international issues facing Australia.
  • Dave served as a policy and legal advisor to Foreign Minister Alexander Downer in Washington DC, he led the International Division in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, with then Prime Minister Julia Gillard on key foreign policy challenges facing Australia, and in 2013, Dave was appointed by the Labor Government as Australia's Ambassador to Israel. 
  • He was appointed Chair of Parliament's Joint Standing Committee on Treaties and Chair of the Foreign Affairs and Aid Subcommittee.
  • Dave is a strong believer in public service and a regular contributor and commentator on the profound global challenges facing Australia.

Topics for Dave Sharma

  • Increasing geopolitical tensions and a more uncertain world have introduced new risks into the business environment
    How far is decoupling likely to go? Is globalisation in full reverse? Is China a safe bet? How to minimise and mitigate business risks in this new paradigm.
  • US-China competition and what it means for the world
    Is the outbreak of conflict likely, or are we heading for a new Cold War?
  • The new Middle East
    What do the Abraham accords and normalisation between Israel and its Arab neighbours mean for this volatile region, source of so much of the world’s energy.
  • The great decarbonisation
    How quickly can the world move to a lower carbon future? What are the constraints and opportunities for a country like Australia? Is a policy and political consensus now forming in Australia, or are we destined for more ‘climate wars’?
  • What can Australia learn from Israel, the Start Up Nation, to become a more innovative economy and increase its productivity
    Why has Australia lagged behind other nations in this respect?
  • Is the two-party political system in Australia fracturing?
    Are we destined for broader governing coalitions and minor parties and independents holding the balance of power? What does this mean for the policy environment in Australia?
  • Restoring trust in the political system
    Why this is on all of us as citizens, and not just our politicians.

Testimonials for Dave Sharma

Dave Sharma spoke with the ABGF team on the topic of international risks and their implications for business disruption. Dave brought a thoughtful and well-rounded perspective to the topic, tying macro themes and regional developments to risk considerations for specific industries and businesses that our investment team are assessing. Dave is a clear and entertaining speaker and provided an insightful learning opportunity for our staff.
Australian Business Growth Fund

Dave Sharma’s knowledge and experience, from politics to diplomacy, provided invaluable insights for our leadership group of young professionals. He is frank, honest, and entertaining as a speaker.