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Key Points for Darren Gorelick

  • Darren Gorelick is the founder and CEO of Apex Agility, and Head of APAC for the AI suite of products under "Dawn of Disruption".
  • Over 300 Dawn of Disruption sessions run for multinationals across the globe (Sectors: Banking, Finance, Insurance, Professional Services, Education, Media, Team-building, and more).
  • As a public speaker, Darren has delivered presentations on the stages of numerous events and conferences. He has shared his insights with industries including Travel, Banking, Finance, Integrated Security, Media, and Education.
  • Darren has over 25 years of experience across diverse industries with AI, innovation, ideation and transformation expertise.

Topics for Darren Gorelick

  • Empower your business through AI
    "Empower Your Business Through AI" gives you a dynamic in-depth look into artificial intelligence, guiding attendees through its fascinating background and the common definitions that ground our understanding. With a focus tailored to the specific event and its associated sector or industry, Darren will unpack the vital components of AI, illustrating each with real-world, leading-edge examples that showcase its transformative potential. A deep dive into advanced ChatGPT techniques promises a richer, event-relevant perspective for participants. Concluding the talk, attendees will be equipped with an understanding of the inherent risks associated with AI and a forward-looking perspective on what the future holds for this groundbreaking technology. Join us to embark on a journey that promises to empower and redefine your business in an age dominated by AI.
  • The future of work
    "The Future of Work" offers a captivating exploration into how the realm of work is being reshaped by the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence. Beginning with a foundational understanding, you'll journey through the background and common definitions of AI. By spotlighting the core components of AI and intertwining them with real-world, cutting-edge examples, attendees will gain insights tailored specifically to understand how these innovations are directly influencing and transforming the workplace landscape. An in-depth look at advanced Generative AI techniques will further underscore their pivotal role in molding the future of professions. Crucially, the talk will also provide a comprehensive analysis of jobs that are most susceptible to AI automation, illuminating the impending need for reskilling and highlighting the in-demand skills that will shape the workforce of tomorrow. Engage with Darren to envision a future where AI and work coalesce, forging a dynamic new paradigm.

Testimonials for Darren Gorelick

Helped to open an entire new world by revealing the complexity in "packaged" simpler components.
Hermal Group

Well done Darren Gorelick. Having seen your presentation on AI I can highly recommend it as an insightful tool to any company wanting to fast get up the knowledge curve.

Thank you for the amazing presentation Darren. It was insightful and so relevant for our industry. Look forward to working together in the future.

Fantastic and inspiring presentation.
The Production House Events