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Key Points for Darren Fleming

  • With a history in elite sports like sailing and Judo, Darren Fleming brings a unique perspective to mastering the mind-body connection.
  • For over 20 years, Darren has led impactful leadership programs for Global 500 Companies across the globe, delivering lasting results.
  • Darren's expertise extends to seven published books, covering topics from sales to mindset mastery. As a regular columnist for prestigious publications, his insights reach a wide audience.
  • Fascinated by the intersection of Buddhism, quantum physics, and epigenetics, Darren's quest for understanding the brain-body instrument knows no bounds.

Topics for Darren Fleming

  • Mindset mastery for leaders
    Managing people, strategies and dealing with the day-to-day challenges can stress even the most experienced leader. Being able to manage the pressure without overworking, getting stressed, and still being able to switch off at night is imperative to ensure that the right decisions are made.
    If leaders don’t manage the pressures they are at high risk of burnout, leaving the organisation - or worse - making big mistakes.
    The Mindset Mastery Keynote will give your leaders:
    • An Understanding of how and why we perceive the world differently.
    • Processes to clear their thinking so they can focus on the right task.
    • Insight into what is driving their staff’s behaviours.
    • Simple strategies to switch off at night.
  • Mindset mastery for performance
    For many high performing teams and individuals, the highs are high, but the lows are lower. Being able to ride the rollercoaster of emotions, bounce back from the inevitable set-backs and lean into the difficult tasks are key to staying ahead in the market.
    The Mindset Mastery Keynote will give your high performers:
    • Insights into what triggers their reactions.
    • Steps to build bullet-proof concentration.
    • An understanding of why they out-perform colleagues in one area but not others, and what to do about it.
    • How to accelerate their way through a form slump.
    • How to get through the boring admin tasks that must be done - even when no one likes doing them.
  • Mindset mastery @ home
    If we are successful at work, but lose our family in the process it is all for nothing. Unfortunately too many employees go home stressed and exhausted because they have given the best of their day to work, and the family gets what is left - which is usually not great.
    The Mindset Mastery @ Home Keynote will give your people:
    • Understanding of why your partner triggers you and why it is a good thing.
    • How to be patient with the kids even if you’ve had a tough day.
    • How to keep calm when your teenager is really pushing their luck.
    • A better way to take the edge off the day than beer, wine or drugs.

Testimonials for Darren Fleming

We’ve just had a rare opportunity to learned from one of the best in the game. Your message was crisp and easy to understand. You kept us all engaged - everyone loved it. You gave the team what they needed. Thanks for coming all the way to Africa Darren!

Darren is an incredibly smart guy who uses complex behavioural science in an extremely simple and easy way to understand it so that applying it effectively every day. The methods Darren shared were simple but extremely effective once you know how. I highly recommend Darren to everyone.

We engaged Darren to deliver a series of webinars to our sales team to help them navigate the evolving sales process and techniques required in a 'new (Covid) normal’ world. Darren worked with us to ensure the content delivered was relevant to our organisation and every attendee remarked that they gained useful strategies to help them in their roles. Many thanks Darren.
SAI Global

Darren ensured that the content and outcomes were what we were after. 
Manager, Group Professional Development
LJ Hooker

I would certainly recommend Darren to any organisation. In particular we appreciated the way you modified the content to suit our particular needs and circumstances.
Regional General Manager
Haymans Electrical & Data Supplies

Darren has provided invaluable insights into communication and influence and has gone above and beyond. Thank you Darren.
PKF Melbourne

Darren's executive presentation was game-changing for me. I am already applying my learnings, even in areas unrelated to presentations. I recommend anyone and everyone who cares about their own development, or their teams' development, to use Darren Fleming. Michael Hills, State General Manager at Beaumont Tiles Darren's passion to help leaders develop their strength, influence and positioning shines through in his highly engaging presentations. His advice and insight were incredibly useful to me.
Alessandra Edwards
Expert in Executive peak performance