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Key Points for Daimien Patterson

  • Daimien Patterson has over a decade of business experience owning and managing multiple successful businesses
  • He served in two wars and rising to command at the young age of 20
  • In 2017, Daimien received the Australian of The Year Award
  • Daimien is the author of 5 Property Investment Books and the Founder and CEO of Integrity Property Investment

Topics for Daimien Patterson

  • Beyond the battlefield: Business lessons from a military entrepreneur
    • Always have a reserve
    • When you use your reserve… make another one fast!
    • There is always one more thing you can do to improve your situation
    • A good general is always at the front!
    • Always have a "gone to hell" plan
    • Know the difference between a "gamble" Vs. a "risk"
  • Raising your business army for victory
    • Understanding the 4 types of people in your organisation
    • Why people fail
    • How to mitigate their failure
    • Managing self-esteem and emotional capital of your team
  • Battleground to boardroom: Unveiling the tactics of real leadership
    • The definition of leadership
    • 10 principles of leadership
    • Why it is so important to be a good leader
    • Practical actions to be a better leader


Testimonials for Daimien Patterson

A speaker who doesn't just share knowledge but sparks a powerful change. Highly recommended for any event aiming to elevate minds and drive results!
Unlock The Sales Game

I’m pleased to say that Daimien’s presentations are extremely well-received to the point that I can highly recommend him.
Business Blueprint

As immediate as he gets on stage the crowd is engaged and he holds them for the whole session.
Lifestyle Tradie