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Key Points for Cynthia Zhai

  • Cynthia Zhai is a global speaker, having spoken in 5 continents over 18 countries. She understands and is able to connect deeply with audiences of various background and cultures.
  • Is a CSP, certified speaking professional, a designation earned by only 12% of professional speakers worldwide. CSP designation is awarded by National Speakers Association in USA and recognized by all professional speakers associations worldwide, including Australia, New Zealand, UK, Singapore, etc.
  • Author of 2 books, one published by established publisher McGraw Hill and the other is an Amazon best seller. She’s writing the 3rd book.
  • TEDx speaker. She spoken at TEDx Harker School based in Silicon Valley, California, USA.
  • Has appeared on regional public radio stations, including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong. She's a regular guest on over 20 podcast shows worldwide, including USA, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Singapore, etc.
  • Clients are well-known multinational companies, such as Google, K & L Gates Washington D.C., Honeywell, P & G, HSBC, Oliver Wyman, Mercer, etc. and well-known universities such as Stanford University. Her clients also include government authorities and agencies, such as Immigration Checkpoints Authority, British High Commission (Singapore), Singapore Air Force, Singapore Navy, etc.

Topics for Cynthia Zhai

  • Influence through voice - Develop your leadership voice 
    As a leader, you use your voice to motivate the team, boost moral, and inspire people into taking action. This talk helps you realize the power of your voice as a leader and learn practical ways to use your voice for influence.
  • Influence through voice in times of uncertainty
    In times of uncertainty and instability, people are getting more anxious and looking for leaders who can bring them a sense of certainty and hope. This talk helps you realize the vital role your voice plays in times of uncertainty and equips you with tools to speak with a voice that clams people down and shows them hope.
  • Be heard in a noisy world
    • Be Heard in a Noisy World (for leaders and corporate professionals)
      In the world with short attention spans and instant gratification, how do you command attention whenever, wherever and whoever you speak to and get your message across memorably so people can take action? This talk shows how our attention works and how you can speak with a powerful voice that gets people listen every time and gets your message across memorably.
    • Be Heard in a Noisy World (for entrepreneurs / business owners)
      With the pandemic and so much chaos happening in 2020, it has led many business owners to try running their businesses online. How do you stand out and be heard by your ideal clients in the already noisy and saturated online world? This talk helps you discover the secrets for voices that get heard online and gives you tools to rediscover the power of your voice online.
  • Win sales with your powerful voice
    Zig Ziglar says that 95% of all salespeople never do anything about their voice, thus fail to build their sales career to the fullest. This talk helps salespeople discover the power of their voices and master the skills for a voice that builds trust, establishes authority and wins sales.
  • Thrive in times of uncertainty 
    Today’s world is filled with uncertainty, unpredictability and instability, resulting in anxiety, panic and fear in people about the future. This talk helps you discover what causes anxiety, panic and fear and gives you hope with what the future holds.
  • Make the impossible possible 
    With the current economy and world’s chaos, most people feel pessimistic about the future, not knowing what the future holds. This talk shows you those who can always make the seemingly impossible possible despite of the gloomy economy or chaos in the world and gives you tools to make the impossible possible for yourself.

Testimonials for Cynthia Zhai

Cynthia spoke at our CAPEP Women's Petrotech Leadership Program. It was a fantastic program. She has a strong presence and was able to captivate the audience. The session was very informative and effective, and the participants took away practice techniques to improve their voices.
Transition Manager
Chevron Australia

Cynthia spoke in Singapore at our iStartup program for entrepreneurs. I'm impressed not only by her expertise, but also by her strong presence as a speaker and her beautiful use of the stage to illustrate her points clearly. She's able to grab the audience, hold their attention, make them laugh, and leave them with practical tools to improve their impact with more skillful use of their voice. I'd recommend her to executives and organizations that would like to improve their speaking skills and increase their impact.
Managing Director
Garage Technology Ventures

We had Cynthia speak for Thinking Women’s Group Singapore. She was to put it simply excellent. All the feedback was positive, and everyone was thrilled with her excellent presentation, skills and that she provided a practical approach to improve our speaking quality and ability. Cynthia was so good, we held her session again and this time it was also excellent. Cynthia is a highly professional person who obviously knows her work and how to transfer knowledge and experience.
Head of Human Resources
Tanker Pacific Management

Cynthia was our Guest Speaker at the Singapore Mindfulness Professional Network Meeting. We has a great turnout for her session and there was complete engagement and universal appreciation for what Cynthia presented. She has an amazing gift in her specialist area of Voice. We learnt so many interesting, unusual, fresh, empowering, practical and mindfulness supporting facts and techniques. It was truly a joy. She has a lovely style of presenting, completely practices what she preaches, is positive, clear, accessible and entertaining all at the same time. Marvellous. I can quite see why she is a sought after speaker. Huge gratitude to her. Really quite unusual and life transforming content. Thank you dear Cynthia.
Jane Grafton
Mindfulness Facilitator and Coach

Cynthia spoke for us on the topic of Developing Your Leadership Voice. The session was thoroughly interactive and fun. Cynthia helped the audience to discover their confident and powerful voice through empowering them with tools and techniques to ensure we speak with confidence, credibility and impact at any given situation. I personally found this session very rewarding.
Founder & Managing Director
EGN (Executives' Global Network)