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Key Points for Coen Tan

  • Coen Tan has been influencing lives as a keynote speaker, strategic business storyteller, high-impact trainer, coach and strategic communications consultant for over 12 years. He has effectively conducted meaningful talks to more than 42,000 individuals and professionals in numerous countries in Asia and the USA.
  • A self-styled Chief Listening Officer, Coen provides people with psychological safety to open up, reflect, heal and become better individuals. He has been an effective Strategic Business Storyteller aiming to inspire and influence through curating meaningful stories.
  • Is a Distinguished Toastmaster, the highest recognition given to a Toastmaster. He has also participated in several speech competitions and won more than 30 trophies. He has trained various employees in different organizations on the areas of presentation and communication skills.
  • Growing up, he has overcome adversity of being bullied at school and feeling depressed. He’s able to turn his hardships into inspiring stories that have moved and influenced thousands of people.
  • Through his natural empathetic listening skills, he’s able to build deep connection with people. Coen had provided significant keynote speeches to prominent organizations like American Express, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Citibank, AXA, and Siemens, to name a few.
  • Is a certified Cultural Transformation and Values Assessment Consultant and an Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner. An expert in multiple personality profiling tools like the MBTI and Enneagram

Topics for Coen Tan

  • Developing an agile and future-ready workforce through a growth mindset
    • How to develop your resonant authentic brand story to influence, inspire and impact.
    • Barriers to authenticity and how to break through them
  • Developing an agile and future-ready workforce through a growth mindset
    • The changing context of business and how the growth mindset can be cultivated and adopted to accelerate business growth.
    • Key elements to initiate mindset shift which helps people to be more open to new ideas and taking risks.
  • Mastering your sensitivities – the gateway to reclaiming your buried gifts
    • Tap into your natural sensitivities, and understand how they may be hidden gifts you’ve buried.
    • Harness, process, curate information gathered through your sensitivities so that you can present yourself in the most compelling way.

Testimonials for Coen Tan

Coen’s an amazing speaker. I was totally connected with him throughout. Before attending Coen’s program, I knew I work from the heart more than the head. I did not know I had some amazing strengths. What I have discovered about myself is that I am strong and courageous and yet gentle and compassionate. I now feel more confident that I can leverage on these strengths to achieve greater success.
Associate Senior Division Director
Knight Frank

Coen is an inspirational speaker who connects well emotionally with his audience. Through authentic sharing of his personal stories, he relates to the challenges of his audience and shines the path for them to step into their courage and take action.
Chief Financial Storyteller

I was fortunate to participate to a great workshop on "Storytelling for Influence" facilitated by Coen: not only he delivered great tips to make our stories personal and impactful, but he was able to make the session really interactive and intimate. I was impressed by Coen's ability to see in people and invite them with kindness and wit to get to the core of their stories without unnecessary details and with the right amount of emotions and drama.
Certified Life & Executive Coach
MLC Consulting

What an inspiring Storytelling session we had by Coen Tan! Coen has skillfully helped the participants to re-shape their stories to make them more compelling - cutting out the unnecessary "fat" - and to connect with their emotions to bring their stories to life. Thank you very much Coen for your fantastic job!
Soft Skills Trainer
Metamind Training

I attended Coen's Storytelling for Influence session as part of PrimeTime's Keynote programme. All of the participants I spoke to agreed that it was one of the most useful and powerful sessions from the programme. Coen was genuinely there for us, helping us to examine our stories, and reformulate them into more relevant, and more powerful examples to use in our keynote speeches. There is a huge difference between a trainer who is a subject matter expert there to deliver content, and a trainer who is present, aware of participants' needs, and uses his expertise to truly benefit the participants. Not many trainers can do the latter, but Coen can, and he does.
Director Of Corporate Engagement
Senserene Pte Ltd

Coen's session on "Storytelling for Influence" in PrimeTime's Keynote Programme was terrific. It was not only helpful from the standpoint of understanding the elements of storytelling but it was hugely practical. He helped me to see the importance of curating the right details to engage the audience. By modelling phrasing he demonstrated how quickly I could get my main point across and more appropriately position a question I had for the audience to lead to engagement and thought. His feedback for my speech and that which I gathered from the other participants inspired me to change the strategy I had for my speech! Coen is fantastic thinking on his feet and offered so much constructive feedback. He is an excellent trainer in the art of speaking.
Professional and Life Coach
Huber Coaching

Coen has this ability to craft his stories and deliver them in a way that touched on the deepest of our emotions. He was very engaging and asked very deep questions, coaching and guiding us to craft and deliver our own stories which touched on every participants' emotions. He shows a genuine interest in his participants and their stories and was very selfless and patient in his sharing. He is also witty and can think of how we can create a story out of every little episode we face every day. It was my pleasure to learn under Coen's guidance!
Financial Services Consultant