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Key Points for Clare Bowditch

  • Clare Bowditch is a musician, actor, writer and creative-entrepreneur who’s won many awards, including Rolling Stone’s Woman of the Year.
  • She was hand-picked to tour with Leonard Cohen and Gotye.
  • Her company, Big Hearted Business specialises in teaching creative people about business, and business people about creativity.
  • She has been a regular guest on television shows, and has been Logie nominated for her role on Offspring.
  • She’s an ARIA award-winning songwriter.
  • Author of partial memoir, Your Own Kind of Girl.

Topics for Clare Bowditch

  • Harnessing right-brain intelligence
  • Riding the dragon: How to take risks
  • The hero’s journey: Lessons from Joseph Campbell
  • How to make your living doing the things that you love.
  • Unlocking and maintaining creativity in your life and business
  • Practical, fun right-brain/left-brain bridging exercises.
  • The educational journey (Clare’s personal story about the importance of education)
  • Choosing happiness: Research-based presentation
  • Honest, powerful solutions for those seeking work / life / family balance
  • For appropriate events Clare is happy to sing an acoustic song
  • Stepping up: Embracing feminine-styles leadership in today’s business landscape
  • The divided heart: Motherhood and creativity, in depth discussion
  • Clare can also lead a powerful group-singing workshop around a variety of themes 
  • Clare’s personal story of finding her life’s path and her muse is funny, heart-warming and inspiring, and she usually finishes by singing a beautiful acoustic song on the theme

Testimonials for Clare Bowditch

Clare is an insightful, generous and exuberant MC and speaker. She was 100% attentive to the aims of our gig from the moment she landed until the moment she left (and beyond). Clare’s ignited passion and transformation in our audience (and our team). She was everything we’d hoped for and more. What a superstar.
Regional Development Australia Mid North Coast

Clare is one of those effortlessly mesmeric communicators. Her rare blend of insight and charisma means that people cannot help but be thoroughly engaged when she speaks.
Waleed Aly 

She is that rare combination of creative talent, intellectual insight and evident empathy for the human condition. She is a compelling speaker on a range of topics relevant to most of us, and has both a gifted and humorous capacity to make large and small audiences feel immensely welcome and involved.
Fabian Dattner
Business Leader, Social Entrepreneur

Every time Clare Bowditch addresses an audience, a crowd or a person, she never fails to impress with her brilliance, insight, charisma, warmth and freaky ability to be in tune with people.  Be it a music concert or sitting between political heavyweights on ABC's Q and A, she is perfect on a panel, on her own or interviewing anyone, from Nanas on the street to political leaders.  Her extraordinary insight and natural connection with people stays with anyone lucky enough to be in her presence.
Catherine Deveny
I've worked with many radio presenters who have an on-mike persona and an off-mike persona, but Clare has just one warm, friendly persona which is her very own and it's the reason why everybody who speaks with her falls in love with her.
Serpil Shanelmish
ABC Producer, Triple J and 774

Most business coaching models rely on a blinkered belief in the success of the 'business' as one's ultimate goal.  Trouble is most of us see life as bigger than 'business'.   Enter Clare Bowditch with Big Hearted Business; her coaching has been a complete watershed…
Monique diMattina

In an era where one must wear many hats to survive in the creative world, Clare has an uncanny ability to see to the very core of the situation and bring gentle yet profound wisdom into the equation. I truly feel that she embodies the age old truth that one must lead by example.
Tom Spender