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Key Points for Ciara Lancaster

  • Ciara Lancaster is Australia’s Leading Change Fatigue & Resilience Expert.
  • Ciara is an ex-change lead for teams of 500+ at Deloitte Australia.
  • She is the author of #1 best-selling organisational book ‘Reimagine Change’.
  • Ciara is the thought leader in the AFR, Sky News, Women’s Agenda.
  • She was a speaker at the highly prestigious MDRT® Global Conference.
  • She is an Alumna Sydney University, UNSW, Stanford, Mind Academy.
  • Ciara specialises is psychology, change leadership, NLP and compassion cultivation.

Topics for Ciara Lancaster

  • Reimagine Change® themes:
    • Mindset, EQ & Team Resilience
    • Cultural Change & Psychological Safety
    • Change Management & Transformation
  • Prepare for your future of work:
    • 2024 is a new era
    • New energy is needed
    • Modern leaders must evolve
  • Prioritise team expectations for:
    • More change
    • More tricky transitions
    • More business transformation
  • Unsuccessful teams:
    • Navigate this alone
    • Experience change fatigue
    • Or worse, disengage and burnout
  • Successful, high-performing teams:
    • Unite and power-up human skills
    • Optimism, momentum and
    • Change leadership intelligence
  • The Reimagine Change® Difference:
    • Modern cinematic delivery style
    • Epic culture and change research
    • Engaging table activities
  • Your audience will learn:
    • How to combat the energy villain of change fatigue
    • How to become more optimistic during change, and
    • How to support and motivate one another to sustain the journey
  • Your audience will leave with:
    • Renewed enthusiasm towards change
    • A new toolkit of actionable insights
    • Bonus downloadable resources

Testimonials for Ciara Lancaster

Ciara was phenomenal…by far the best facilitator and speaker that I have seen! She was warm, engaging and welcoming. The session was really thought-provoking, even emotional at times, with lots of key takeaways that our leaders can go away and implement as soon as next week when they are back with the wider team. Why did we book Ciara? She is the leading expert in this space and all of our interactions with her leading up to the event were so positive. Having just finished the session, the room is absolutely feeling pumped and ready to tackle change moving forward!
Page Group Australia

Ciara is an amazing speaker with easy to digest advice! Thanks for bringing the energy you bring to our 5 state forum tour. We are already hearing good news stories from our teams implementing the personal changes shared in the Rapid Resilience Reset keynote.

Ciara Lancaster was a great addition to our global conference! She was very adaptable to our unusual circumstances and was able to help problem-solve with us to make it a great event. The content was highly relevant to the audience and very well received; we had a lot of people telling us they were interested in reading Reimagine Change after seeing her dynamic presentations. Ciara was highly professional before, during and after the event and brought a lot of positive energy and “can do” spirit to the whole experience. Ciara should be on everyone’s shortlist for keynote speakers!

Our team found Ciara’s virtual session really insightful. Her delivery via video highlights, research and business storytelling brilliantly validated the emotions our team have been feeling through so much change. All of the feedback gathered after the session was consistently positive. Ciara also provided a variety of valuable post-event resources to further embed the concepts showcased. Highly recommend connecting with Ciara!
CITI Bank Australia

Highly engaging and perfectly pitched. Ciara’s opening keynote was received exceptionally well. It was a fabulously energising in-person session. Thank you for sharing your change expertise and commercial lens with our Victorian Leadership Team. Allowing us to feel uncomfortable together and to reimagine change with a positive mindset. We have a real appreciation for this collaboration.

Thanks once again for your outstanding contribution to the success of our Dell Client Solutions Series. The feedback that I received has been extremely positive with the panel being called out as a highlight, and that was in a large part due to your valuable insights and wisdom. Thank you for the role that you played in making the day a success.
Dell Technologies

Ciara's closing keynote was hugely successful! The company-wide feedback was very positive after witnessing the energy, enthusiasm and engagement in the room stay super high right to the end of the day. Her content on 'Change Resilience Readiness' was a welcomed shift after a full day of product-specific content. Our team found her session really beneficial with several inspiring takeaways. We loved having Ciara join us for our conference and you will too. You could feel the energy of introspection buzz around the room. I feel very fortunate to have had the chance to hear you in person today. And I'm excited to read through the bonus content over the weekend.

Very high standards. Very high energy. Very easy to deal with. If you are questioning whether to bring in Ciara to virtually keynote to your team. The short answer is do it! Leading up to the session, Ciara completed a thorough briefing to understand the challenges of our team and pin point what would be personally meaningful to them. Ciara then brought the topic to life via an engaging mixture of media, industry terminology and in our case, references to our internal wellbeing initiatives. Feedback from across the team was that it was very well received, as were the very generous selection of resources. Thank you Ciara!
Monash Health

What an absolute pleasure to have you at our Future Forum, everyone loved the session, super inspirational!
Aje Collective

Ciara, it was so great to have you join us and share so many great tips on dealing with change! It was an excellent way to start our conference on Day One!

It was our first in-person event since 2019, so a milestone event for us with our external client partners. Ciara's presentation was most complimentary to the panel session held just prior. Once again, thank you from all of the team at Zurich!