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Key Points for Christine Mudavanhu

  • Christine Mudavanhu won the Highly Commended for Women in Tech Awards 2023 under the ‘Uplifting Communities’ category.
  • She is the host of the insightful 'Sisters in Colour Podcast', which offers diverse perspectives and empowering narratives of multicultural women in business.
  • As the Queensland Director and Founding Partner for Migrant Women in Business, Christine has been instrumental in supporting and uplifting migrant women entrepreneurs.
  • In her role as Principal Consultant and CEO of Utano Global, she has demonstrated unparalleled expertise in strategic consulting.
  • Serving as the Strategic Chair for African Professionals of Australia, Christine has been a pivotal figure in fostering community development and professional growth.

Topics for Christine Mudavanhu

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)
    Christine explores the critical importance of DEI in modern organisations, discussing strategies to create inclusive cultures and psychologically safe environments.
  • Evolution of technology: Focus on AI and virtual reality
    This topic delves into the transformative role of emerging technologies like AI and Virtual Reality in reshaping business and society. Christine highlights their potential in learning, DEI initiatives, and creating immersive, impactful experiences.
  • Application of DEI in the context of ESG goals and priorities
    Christine examines how DEI strategies align with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals, emphasising their integral role in sustainable business practices and corporate responsibility.
  • Gender equity
    Addressing the challenges and opportunities in achieving gender equity, Christine presents insights on creating equitable workplaces, focusing on the impact of gender diversity on organisational growth and societal advancement.
  • Intersectionality of gender, race, and culture
    This presentation explores the complex interplay of gender, race, and culture, and its impact on personal and professional experiences. Christine discusses strategies for recognising and addressing intersectional issues in the workplace and beyond.

Testimonials for Christine Mudavanhu

The keynote by Christine Mudavanhu on the potential of AI and VR to accelerate Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) in STEM education was mind-blowing! As the co-founder of Deadly Coders, I'm truly inspired by how technology can drive positive change in fostering diversity.
Deadly Coders

Thank you so much Christine for joining us! You were an amazing keynote, and you definitely sparked some really passionate and interesting conversations.
Strategy Development, Leadership, Organisational Culture, International Project Management, Business and Marketing, Customer Services, Change & Communications
University of Queensland

Thank you Christine Mudavanhu for sharing your amazing experience at the LatinOz QLD closing ceremony for the Queensland Women in Business Network event. It's wonderful to see the support and connections being forged within the community.