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Key Points for Chris Smoje

  • Hall of fame award-winning training program by the Australian Hotels Association of WA.
  • Completion of study at the Walt Disney Institute (Florida USA) in business excellence.
  • Qualified educator for the adult and tertiary sector.
  • 10 years of customer service training and speaking experience.
  • Customer Service training for milestone projects including Qantas Airports of the Future Next Generation Check-in pilot in Perth 2010.

Topics for Chris Smoje

  • Beat the Odds
    Take Control of Exceptional Customer Service
    Have you ever wondered why we sometimes receive exceptional service and other times we don’t? And what is it about this service that makes it stand out amongst other poor service experiences?  It’s hard to get exceptional customer service all of the time, but now there’s a way to beat the odds. 

    We’ve all heard the term “hire for attitude, then train for skill” but what if the right attitude toward customer service isn’t enough? Beyond attitude comes character, and there are some characteristics that are both distinctive and distinguishing that make service turn exceptional. These characteristics can feature across the entire organisation if there is the right focus, understanding and execution. Now is the time to take back control!

    Just one hour to talk about exceptional customer service – here’s what won’t be covered. There will be no statistics to scare participants into delivering better service. There will be no stories of how world-famous high-end companies spend significant dollars on doing amazing things for their customers either. There will even be no dated or basic service practices that have been incessantly preached for many years. This presentation is different.

    This powerful keynote succinctly presents what it really means to deliver exceptional customer service with a maximum learning impact, whilst connecting to the realities of modern business challenges.

    Audience participants will:
    • Learn how to avoid the hidden distractions that impact on service delivery;
    • Explore the three essential characteristics of customer service excellence; and
    • Discover the ways to make service exceptional all of the time.

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