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Key Points for Casey Beros

  • One of Australia’s most engaging health presenters, Casey Beros spent six years under the mentorship of famed medical broadcaster Dr Norman Swan. She was lifestyle reporter on the ABC’s Tonic for 3 seasons, now shown to 10 million Australians a month in waiting rooms around the country.
  • Casey is the Wellbeing Expert on Channel 10's program, Well Traveller.
  • Casey Beros was co-host of Channel 10’s Everyday Health with Sam Wood, Tiffany Cherry and Bridie O’Donnell – sharing the latest information on ways to live a happier, healthier life with Australians every day, straight into their lounge rooms.
  • Casey Beros' book The ‘Bad’ Girl’s Guide To Better was listed as a ‘must-read life manual’ by WHO magazine and a ‘witty, coming-of-age debut’ by RUSSH. Currently released in Australia and New Zealand, the UK and US, doctors are recommending it to their mental health patients and she gets messages from around the world every day saying that her words are changing people's lives.
  • Casey writes frequently for Australia's major media platforms such as Mamamia,, Body & Soul and 9Honey about everything to do with navigating the obstacle course of life and also hosts corporate health and wellbeing podcast 'Well-thy'.
  • She  has a journalism degree, studied presenting at NIDA and is currently completing her Masters of Public Health at Monash University. She prides herself on her ability to hold her own in what is nuanced, complex and dense medical territory, often in a room full of highly qualified specialists.
  • Casey auditioned for and won the right to narrate the audiobook version of The ‘Bad’ Girl’s Guide To Better on Audible and is an award-winning producer – flexing her skills behind the camera as well as in front. 
  • Casey was awarded the PRIME Award for Excellence in Education for her role of host of the Rethink Obesity 4Forums.

Topics for Casey Beros

  • Become the CEO of your health and your future: Science-backed strategies to take control of your most important asset.
    This dynamic keynote helps teams take back control of their health and - as such - their future. After 15 years of interviewing experts, Casey simplifies the science and breaks down exactly how we get more years in good health with the people we love by becoming the CEO of our own health - using the free tools already at our disposal to prevent the diseases that wreak havoc on our health and happiness. She shows us how to close the gap between knowing and doing, sharing some of the VIP tools she’s learned from experts around the world. The result is more empowered people - a tribe who takes better care of themselves and each other, outside of the Metaverse.
    Who this is for:
    Ideal for entry-level, junior, emerging and middle management. Female or male audience. Suits most industries including healthcare, tech, creative, education etc. Anyone who would benefit from improving their health and wellbeing.
    Key Takeaways:
    • A clear understanding of the BIO-PYSCHO-SOCIO-SPIRITUAL model of wellbeing and how to identify when they’re out of whack and what to do about it.
    • 4 x world-class ONE MINUTE health tools they can use anywhere, any time to be happier and healthier and the comfort that they are only ONE MINUTE away from feeling better - physically, mentally, socially or spiritually.
    • Tools to help detect, prevent and manage psychosocial risk, for which directors are now personally liable.
  • Motivation, inspiration and other lies we tell ourselves
    Motivation is a finite resource. We can’t rely on it to sustain any productive, passionate or purposeful behaviour - so why do we keep chasing it? The answer instead is momentum, and in this targeted and game-changing keynote, I’ll teach your team how. Fact: Time is fixed—there are only 24 hours in a day, seven days in a week. Energy on the other hand we can create more of, and when we have more energy, we can do more with our precious time.
  • The reinvention project
    97% of us are carrying around one big secret at any given time, in fact - the average person has 13, five of which they’ve never told anyone. After spending years beating herself up for her secrets, Casey Beros spent more years working out how to genuinely move past them. In this powerful keynote, she shares the science and stories as to how she got there, and how anyone can too so they can make peace with their past and (best) friends with their future.
  • Model the masters for mental wellbeing
    From Harvard to Berkeley and The Karolinska Institute - Casey Beros has spent her entire career picking the world's brightest minds on how we can all live better lives. In this dynamic keynote presentation, she drills everything she has learned down into 10 rules for living that the science backs time and time again so you know where to place your efforts (and where you can cut a few corners). It's mental wellbeing without the woo-woo, and in Casey's unique style – entertaining as it is educational.
  • Sober-ish: Drink less, live more
    Reinvent your relationship with alcohol, your body and your self with this powerful keynote that empowers us to remember that we are the ones in the driver's seat of our internal world and the behaviours we use to manage it, even if we feel like passengers. So if you still want to charge a glass on occasion but also be #healthier, this is for you.
  • The life edit
    If your life hasn't exactly turned out how you thought it would, it's understandable - there's no road map, no manual, no GPS. That's up to us to create! So, after 15 years of asking questions, Casey Beros turns the tables on attendees in this interactive workshop - to uplevel the life they're already living by editing it in real time. Together, we'll work through the 10 questions that, once answered, empower us all to build more of the good stuff IN and edit what isn’t working OUT, on-the-spot action that leaves attendees feeling calmer, clearer and more concise – long after they’ve left the room. It’s the mental equivalent of decluttering that helps us make room for all the good to come in 2023. BYO pen and paper, and Casey will do the rest, leaving attendees with a process they can use again and again when anything in their lives needs an edit.
  • Story of my life
    If you've ever wanted to capture your story, this is your chance. Think of it as your own personal interview, where together we work through a set of self enquiry questions so you can stop overthinking and get started - based on tried and tested storytelling methods used by Hollywood, politics and our biggest brands. You'll walk away with the draft story of YOU and a deeper understanding of the meaning of your story thus far, at very least captured for the people who love you most.
  • Master of Ceremonies
    The master of ceremonies should do a whole lot more than read introductions. They are the captain of your event, weaving together key messages, big ideas and competing interests to create meaningful, insightful and impactful moments for your audience to shift the collective toward the shared goal. Across panels, fireside chats, debates, Q +A and more Casey effortlessly captains any room with her superhuman ability to synthesize complex information in real-time, getting the most out of speakers, staff and attendees. In her 15+ years as a journalist she has learned far more than any degree could teach her, such as how to manage complex objectives, put (even prickly) delegates at ease, inspire attendees to ensure messaging uptake and work around tech issues, tough questions and last minute changes. If it can happen, she's seen it. In short, you and your attendees are in safe, experienced hands - albeit ones that could probably do with more frequent application of hand cream.
    Frequently called upon to facilitate on behalf of brands such as Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk and Ogilvy Health, Casey Beros is a natural in the role of medical facilitator and thrives navigating complex medical discussion for medical professionals and consumers alike. With a solid understanding of the Australian health landscape, Casey speaks fluent health but never loses sight of the patient’s perspective, getting powerful results from any room. But her skills extend far beyond the medical world - if engagement is at the top of your agenda, watch her bring your event to life with her event-unique playlists, dance parties and clap-offs that'll have you desperately wishing you'd found her sooner.

Testimonials for Casey Beros

Casey Beros’ performance exceeded expectations, marked by her exceptional professionalism, congeniality, and unwavering commitment throughout the day. Her readiness to engage in discussions and contribute to the development of ideas and themes was invaluable, a testament to the pivotal role the Master of Ceremonies plays in the success of any event. Her contribution cannot be overstated. 

Casey was the secret sauce, the glue, the magic that brought our event together on the day. Her wealth of knowledge of the health and wellbeing sector, her professionalism and her playful energy made this a perfect collaboration. I could not recommend Casey highly enough, and can’t wait for her to join us again.
Wellness Tourism Summit

Thank you for being such an inspiring, funny yet completely professional MC at our recent Ladies’ Lunch event. We have not stopped hearing amazing feedback from our guests about you. Most said you were the best MC they have ever seen! Thank you so very much from all of us here, we would hire you again in a heartbeat.

Casey Beros didn't hesitate to go above and beyond the traditional role as our master of ceremonies, her ability to connect to our delegates over 3 days of our Council of Ambulance Authorities congress was invaluable. We couldn't recommend Casey highly enough, she is an absolute professional in every aspect and we look forward to working with her again.
Council of Ambulance Authorities 

Like your best friend and older sister rolled into one. Casey Beros delivers a hilarious, vital hug to a new generation of women.
Natalie Imbruglia

Life changing! Casey Beros is engaging and funny and keeps you on your toes. The ZLife Edit really get you thinking about your life, talents and how you can progress wuth thoughts and practices. Highly recommend.

She has this glow - a literal angelic aura around her. Connecting with people and sharing her story to a room full of people who l witnessed become so moved by her words and so empowered to make changes of their own. This is her calling - one minute you feel like you're watching the world's best TED talk and the next you are howling with laughter or dancing to MMM Bop by Hanson. She seriously keeps you guessing!
Social Collective

This masterclass was exactly what we needed. We now have the courage to edit our lives! Casey Beros was prepared, charismatic and helped inform viewers with humour and the tools needed to succeed in 2022 and beyond. Huge thanks to Casey, we’re very keen to work with her again in the near future.
Business Chicks

Education is one of the strongest tools we have to influence our health. A passionate and health-literate communicator, Casey Beros sticks to the facts but delivers them with a fresh and entertaining perspective, a personal development lens, and always from the public's point of view.
Dr Norman Swan

Like your best friend and older sister rolled into one. Casey Beros delivers a hilarious, vital hug to a new generation of women.
Natalie Imbruglia

Honest, inspiring and seriously funny – you just want Casey Beros to be your best friend.
Jessica Marais

Casey Beros was phenomenal. The success of the program wouldn’t have been possible without her professionalism, dedication and positivity. It was a pleasure working with her and we’d recommend anyone to do the same for the facilitation of any health-related education event. We look forward to working with her again.

Casey Beros has a remarkable ability to understand and navigate the nuances of complex topics, keeping both speakers and attendees engaged. Our attendees applauded her, commenting on the ease and flow of the discussion in comparison to other clinically focused conversations. Although a moderator with a clinical background has historically supported these discussions, we now keep Casey top of mind as a facilitator for any event in the arena of medical education.
Novo Nordisk

Casey Beros was a leading presenter for our Fresh Education schools program in NSW. Her ability to translate sometimes complex health information into age-appropriate content that the kids could understand was invaluable to the success of the program. She added her unique spin, humour and clever edits to the topics that really resonated with the audience, with the kids hanging off her every word. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.