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Key Points for Casey Beros

  • One of Australia’s most engaging health presenters, Casey Beros spent six years under the mentorship of famed medical broadcaster Dr Norman Swan. She was lifestyle reporter on the ABC’s Tonic for 3 seasons, now shown to 10 million Australians a month in waiting rooms around the country.
  • Casey Beros was co-host of Channel 10’s Everyday Health with Sam Wood, Tiffany Cherry and Bridie O’Donnell – sharing the latest information on ways to live a happier, healthier life with Australians every day, straight into their lounge rooms.
  • Casey Beros' book The ‘Bad’ Girl’s Guide To Better was listed as a ‘must-read life manual’ by WHO magazine and a ‘witty, coming-of-age debut’ by RUSSH. Currently released in Australia and New Zealand, the UK and US, doctors are recommending it to their mental health patients and she gets messages from around the world every day saying that her words are changing people's lives.
  • Casey Beros writes frequently for Australia's major media platforms such as Mamamia,, Body & Soul and 9Honey about everything to do with navigating the obstacle course of life and also hosts corporate health and wellbeing podcast 'Well-thy'.
  • Casey Beros  has a journalism degree, studied presenting at NIDA and is currently completing her Masters of Public Health at Monash University. She prides herself on her ability to hold her own in what is nuanced, complex and dense medical territory, often in a room full of highly qualified specialists.
  • Casey Beros auditioned for and won the right to narrate the audiobook version of The ‘Bad’ Girl’s Guide To Better on Audible and is an award-winning producer – flexing her skills behind the camera as well as in front. 

Topics for Casey Beros

  • Medical facilitation
    Frequently called upon to facilitate on behalf of brands such as Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk and Ogilvy Health, Casey Beros is a natural in the role of medical facilitator and very comfortable navigating complex medical discussion for primary and tertiary care specialists. With a solid understanding of the Australian health landscape, Casey never loses sight of the patient’s perspective, getting powerful results from any room.
  • The life edit
    If your life hasn't exactly turned out like you thought it would, it's understandable - there's no road map, no manual, no GPS. That's up to us to create! So, after 15 years of asking questions, Casey Beros turns the tables on you in this 60-minute interactive keynote - to take the life you're already living from 'meh' to 'much better' by editing it in real time. Together, you'll work through the 10 questions that, once answered, empower you to build more of the good stuff IN and edit what isn’t working OUT, on-the-spot action that leaves attendees feeling calmer, clearer and more concise – long after they have left the room.
  • Model the masters
    From Harvard to Berkeley and The Karolinska Institute - Casey Beros has spent her entire career picking the world's brightest minds on how we can all live better lives. In this dynamic keynote presentation, she drills everything she has learned down into 10 rules for living that the science backs time and time again so you know where to place your efforts (and where you can cut a few corners). It's wellbeing without the woo-woo, and in Casey's unique style – entertaining as it is educational.
  • Someone has to win, so it may as well be you
    One of the most popular chapters in Casey Beros’ book is lesson 13, and it’s all about success. How we define it, the meaning we attach to it and how we GET IT. Via giants of their game, Casey shares how to build a successful life, why motivation is BS (and what you need instead) and her ‘one action a day’ philosophy for getting what you want.
  • Chuck it in the bucket and move on – how to make peace with your past and (best) friends with your future
    Hands up if you have ever done something you’re not proud of, hurt someone you cared about, made a mistake, kept a secret or just plain stuffed up – and it made you feel bad about yourself. If Casey Beros had five hands, they would all be in the air right now. After spending years beating herself up, she spent more years working out how to genuinely move past her mistakes. In this keynote, she shares the science and stories as to how she got there, and how you can too.

Testimonials for Casey Beros

Like your best friend and older sister rolled into one. Casey Beros delivers a hilarious, vital hug to a new generation of women.
Natalie Imbruglia

Life changing! Casey Beros is engaging and funny and keeps you on your toes. The ZLife Edit really get you thinking about your life, talents and how you can progress wuth thoughts and practices. Highly recommend.

She has this glow - a literal angelic aura around her. Connecting with people and sharing her story to a room full of people who l witnessed become so moved by her words and so empowered to make changes of their own. This is her calling - one minute you feel like you're watching the world's best TED talk and the next you are howling with laughter or dancing to MMM Bop by Hanson. She seriously keeps you guessing!
Social Collective

This masterclass was exactly what we needed. We now have the courage to edit our lives! Casey Beros was prepared, charismatic and helped inform viewers with humour and the tools needed to succeed in 2022 and beyond. Huge thanks to Casey, we’re very keen to work with her again in the near future.
Business Chicks

Education is one of the strongest tools we have to influence our health. A passionate and health-literate communicator, Casey Beros sticks to the facts but delivers them with a fresh and entertaining perspective, a personal development lens, and always from the public's point of view.
Dr Norman Swan

Like your best friend and older sister rolled into one. Casey Beros delivers a hilarious, vital hug to a new generation of women.
Natalie Imbruglia

Honest, inspiring and seriously funny – you just want Casey Beros to be your best friend.
Jessica Marais

Casey Beros was phenomenal. The success of the program wouldn’t have been possible without her professionalism, dedication and positivity. It was a pleasure working with her and we’d recommend anyone to do the same for the facilitation of any health-related education event. We look forward to working with her again.

Casey Beros has a remarkable ability to understand and navigate the nuances of complex topics, keeping both speakers and attendees engaged. Our attendees applauded her, commenting on the ease and flow of the discussion in comparison to other clinically focused conversations. Although a moderator with a clinical background has historically supported these discussions, we now keep Casey top of mind as a facilitator for any event in the arena of medical education.
Novo Nordisk

Casey Beros was a leading presenter for our Fresh Education schools program in NSW. Her ability to translate sometimes complex health information into age-appropriate content that the kids could understand was invaluable to the success of the program. She added her unique spin, humour and clever edits to the topics that really resonated with the audience, with the kids hanging off her every word. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.