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Key Points for Brittany Baldwin

  • Brittany Baldwin is an internationally recognised sales speaker. She combines traditional sales skills with a modern approach to selling to fire up your team and fire up your sales.
  • Brittany’s presentations captivate participants with stimulating stories and a vibrant delivery. Her dynamic speaking style not only engages your senses and stirs your emotions, but it will challenge you to take action long after the motivation of the event has subsided.
  • Creating customised content that is relevant to your audience takes precedence when it comes to preparing for your event. Brittany works with you to ensure that the presentation is relevant and transformative for your attendees.
  • In her presentations, Brittany delivers simple sales concepts in a structured approach. The easy to understand takeaways empower attendees to achieve their highest standards both personally and professionally.
  • Easy going, reliable, professional, energetic and collaborative are all words that describe working with Brittany. If you’re looking for a speaker who is adaptable and can identify your organisational objectives, look no further than Brittany.
  • Brittany is available to deliver ‘Fearless & Fired Up’ in person or virtually. She also offers workshops, books and an online program to support sales results and make positive and lasting change in your business.

Topics for Brittany Baldwin

  • One degree hotter
    Using the concept of continual improvement and marginal gains, discover how to get ‘one degree hotter’ across all aspects of the customer experience. Identify ways to review and refine your process to create more sales connections, more conversations and more conversions.
  • The fortune is in the follow up
    Using the follow up fundamentals, discover simple ways to secure more sales without spending money on lead generation. Learn how to nurture prospects, create value added interactions and reduce the length of your sales cycle.
  • Creating customers for life
    Combine traditional forms of selling with emerging trends for generating repeat and referral business. Adopt a strategy for wowing your existing customers rather than wooing new ones by optimising your database and leveraging the lifetime value of customers.
  • Objections are not rejections
    Embrace the four step methodology to overcome the most common customer objections. Learn how to anticipate and respond to objections effectively so you can better communicate your value and move your customer one step closer to doing business with you.
  • What to do when your customer stops responding
    In an increasing world where customers ghost you, find out how to rekindle the relationship. Transform silence into sales by shifting the communication style and motivating customers to reconnect.
  • Listen and learn
    Discover how to overcome one of the biggest mistakes that salespeople make. Ensure that conversations result in a mutually beneficial experience by combining effective questioning with active listening. Use proven strategies to qualify opportunities and move customers closer to a buying decision.

Testimonials for Brittany Baldwin

Brittany rocked the room. She was delightful, inspiring and magnetic. I was so impressed with the research that she did to make it so relevant to our members. We received so much good feedback from everyone.
Alliance of Celebrants Queensland

Brittany was instantly inspiring and insightful. Everybody in the audience has something to gain from her stories and lessons.
Equities Advisor
Morgans Financial Limited

I cannot recommend Brittany enough as a presenter mainly based on her unique content and the energy she brings to the room. She adapts her style to different personality types and group dynamics.
My Broker Solutions