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Key Points for Brian Meredith

  • Brian had also been the acting CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi.
  • Brian is the founder of The Marketing Bureau Ltd, a New Zealand based marketing consulting firm.
  • Brian speaks about marketing, branding, market orientation and developing successful marketing effects.

Topics for Brian Meredith

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Business
  • Management
  • Media
  • Communications
  • Relationships
  • Success

Testimonials for Brian Meredith

Firstly lets’ talk about what Brian is not. He is not; your standard, boring, guest speaker. He is a, unique, inspirational and seriously engaging and thought provoking speaker. Professional in every sense of the word, he has the ability to truly listen to the brief and understand what is required, he then puts his own ‘special twist’ on things and he has always ensured that the message that we needed to get through, does get through, along with a few extra lessons as well! Passionate about Marketing, Brian has an amazing way of connecting with even the most cynical of audiences. He always delivers a message that has people walking away from the presentation prepared to  ‘do something different’ the next day. No matter what message I needed my teams to  ‘get’, Brian always found some truly innovate way of reaching into their minds and eliciting a response! Just ask him to explain what appeared to be a very strange request for one large, whole salmon, “I need it with the head on JT” he said. And why we got to see more of Mr Meredith than anyone could possibly have imagined! How many guest speakers do you  know who could get themselves out of a full wetsuit and waders and into a business suit whilst continuing with a riveting marketing commentary and no screens to hide behind! This man is no run of the mill, common garden variety guest speaker!
Marketing Consultant

He took participants through a light hearted but informative romp through the fact that marketing isn’t just advertising – it is everything a company does and how important the little details are, if they don’t match the spin watch out – illustrated by the frustrations he had in his current hotel where the only tap to fill the kettle was the bathroom sink but the kettle didn’t fit under it and there was no easy place to plug the kettle in once it was full. Brian’s presentation captivated the audience and left useful and memorable messages with them. He was also astute in making sure NZBusiness magazine got mentioned without it being intrusive. We would happily use Brian in the future for similar work. 
Adrenalin Publishing

I've seen Brian speak on two occasions. Each time his talk had such an intriguing title that you felt compelled to site through if only to find out what he was going to say. (That in itself is a great lesson in how to create and produce your own presentations). But he was worth hearing, not just for the intrigue. Brian speaks about the imperative for marketing within any business, not from a high-brow, technical perspective, but illustrated with examples of good and bad practice that he has come across, not as a marketer, but as a consumer. He demonstrates marketing with the everyday experiences we all have as customers and his observations make the blinkers fall away.... for those willing to hear. Any business could learn a lot from Brian's common-sense observations AND remedies.
GIG Marketing

Brian is an accomplished and professional speaker who plans his presentations very well. He has a good understanding of the content he wished to deliver and does so with polish and passion. He is engaging and is able to read an audience and tailor his delivery to suit. The content is always interesting and well researched. He has a great understanding of his topic and good insights which are interesting and educational. He has an excellent attention to detail and his natural sense of humour ensure his presentations are fun and uplifting. I can highly recommend him as a speaker, who will entertain and educate an audience and be able to deliver a presentation which is relevant and smart and enjoyable.
Commercial Director
Dunedin Venue Management Ltd

Brian Meredith has been involved with NZ Business Magazine as a columnist for a number of years. His work is very popular and presented in an enlightening and entertaining manner. Last year we invited Brian as our representative to speak at the Bizzone Business Expo held in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. The theme for the expo was 'smart marketing' and Brian's expertise synergised particularly well with the topic. I had the fortune to listen to his presentation and was very impressed with the content and the delivery. He kept the audience very well engaged, he was interesting and entertaining to listen to and he acknowledged the sponsors and supporters. In fact, he was so well received that the organisers invited him to do a further presentation. I would have no hesitation in recommending Brian for any speaking engagement.
NZ Business Magazine