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Key Points for Brenton Ragless

  • Brenton is a well-regarded South Australian with an extensive background in public speaking, broadcast media, public relations, audiovisual production, emergency services, meteorology, tourism, hospitality and special events.
  • Brenton Ragless is Adelaide's Channel 9 News weather presenter, tailing the evening bulletin with the daily forecast and reporting on weather and environment related issues.
  • He has an extensive background in media and public relations as well as emergency services, meteorology and tourism and has established his own business as a media and communications consultant.
  • Brenton is an enthusiastic MC and speaker who combines professionalism with spontaneity to engage audiences from all backgrounds.

Topics for Brenton Ragless

  • Master of Ceremonies  
  • Bound for South Australia  - What's it going to be tomorrow?
  • Earth, Wind, Fire & Water, learning to live with the Elements
  • Choosing your own adventure
  • Beyond the Weather
    Most people wouldn’t know how to start a conversation if it weren’t for the weather. But what happens after that? In this modern day of ‘keyboard conversation’, engaging people face to face is a growing challenge. Whether you’re hosting one on one, one to a hundred or even a hundred thousand, Brenton shares some of the fundamentals of engaging a crowd and building successful relationships in the market place.
  • Clever Weather
    Have you ever wondered where we’d be without the weather? We’d have nothing to talk about for a start. The weather drives everything we do – our jobs, our lifestyle, our whole economy fluctuates with the seasons. What we eat, what we wear, how we spend our time and our money is directly influenced by the weather. Brenton shares an entertaining and insightful view on how to maximise the one thing that unites us all – the weather.
  • “As Seen on TV"
    Brenton presents a journey through the ages of traditional media to current day and what to expect of new media in the future. Brenton has a media career that spans almost 20 years. Tune in as he recounts how TV shaped our view of the world and examines the shift to multiple, net-driven touch screens. Examine how the power of influence is shifting and how you can best utilize the opportunities for exposure.
  • Living with the Elements
    Weather has a profound effect on the life of Australians. While we marvel at the force of nature, we need to have empathy for those whose lives are affected by it. Brenton looks at the elements that drive our weather and the consequences of living in wild Australia – a land frequented by drought, bushfires, floods and cyclones.
  • Message in a Bottle
    Water is essential to life – for drinking, bathing, cleaning and even powering our homes. But do we really appreciate the value of this liquid gold?
  • South Australia
    Brenton is passionate about his home state of South Australia. Owing his lineage to the initial wave of free settlers who immigrated here, Brenton shares why Adelaide is ranked the eight most liveable city in the world and shares why people choose to work, rest & play in SA.
  • Interest Areas
    Public speaking, broadcast media, public relations, audiovisual production, emergency services, meteorology, swimming, cycling, tourism, railway heritage, defence and aviation.


Testimonials for Brenton Ragless

Wonderful to deal with and engaged extremely well with our attendees.

Brenton was amazing, he was flexible, and related well with the venue staff, CCF SA staff and event guests at the event. He is very personable, and wonderful to work with. I would be very happy to work with him again for any event.
Civil Contractors Federation

Every year, every time, he is just the best! Always professional, our events are seamless with Brenton at the lectern.
Civil Contractors Federation

This year’s event required a greater input from Brenton and as always, he nailed it!
Civil Contractors Federation

Brenton was amazing!!!! He did a fantastic job, had the audience focused throughout the presentations and was more than happy to mingle with guests. We will definitely use Brenton as our MC for future award nights.
BAE Systems Australia

The consummate professional, the most warming, kind and engaging MC, and absolute pleasure to work with. We will book Brenton every time!
Civil Contractors Federation

Always excellent, a true professional and an absolute pleasure to work with.
Civil Contractors Federation

Excellent - Very professional, pleasant to work with, accommodating to our requests and requirements - would definitely book Brenton again.
Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Ltd