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Key Points for Brandon Green

  • Brandon Green is an entrepreneur, speaker, impact investor, and co-founder of the Keller Williams Capital Properties real estate organization.
  • In less than a decade he built the company into a network of 8 offices with annual sales of $2 billion.
  • The Washington Business Journal named his companies as one of the region’s fastest growing companies, and the Washington Post awarded it Top Workplace 4 years in a row.
  • He has founded and invested in several other companies in the real estate business, hospitality, and technology and has served on boards of some of the top real estate organizations in the country. 

Topics for Brandon Green

  • Leadership: Succeeding During a Time of Change and Opportunity
    The 4th industrial revolution is well underway, and it can seem like everything is changing. For businesses it’s a perfect storm of macro industry shifts often sparked by new innovative technologies challenging the status quo, and on the ground changes that impact our workforce as our idea of what it means to work shifts as millennials enter their prime working years and baby boomers retire. This creates a lot stress and uncertainty – and opportunity. As a leader, how do you sort through all of that and continue to drive profitability, stay competitive without losing your mission focus, recruit and retain top talent, and not lose yourself along the way? Brandon’s keynote, steeped in his experience in the real estate industry, addresses these often-conflicting viewpoints and points to ideas and solutions on how, as a leader, to think through change and guide your people, and yourself through all of this to a positive outcome.
  • Disrupt, or be Disrupted: Successfully Dealing with Uncertainty in Sales
    It’s no secret, the customer is demanding more, for less. This is putting enormous pressure on sales teams to deliver. This isn’t normally a recipe for success, and yet some companies are propelling ahead of the pack. Why? This keynote is about how to succeed in today’s sales environment. The increase in venture backed competitors who see profit as a distraction on the way to value, and the deployment of innovative technologies is changing the game in terms of how we sell. In this keynote Brandon dives into case studies and Brandon’s experience in how to successfully deal with this dynamic. You cannot compete on yesterday’s dimension and expect to win today’s game. The audience will leave with tactical and practical ways to increase sales and profitability and have some fun along the way.

  • Fire in the Belly: Learning to Live Life to the Fullest and Love Your Success
    Chances are there is a voice in your head that tells you you’re not as successful as you should be or could be. The voice also comments on how, if you look around, no matter how much you have, it’s not enough. That voice is a powerful motivator, a chip on the shoulder that propels people to great heights. It also squeezes all the enjoyment out of the accomplishments along the way and leaves you feeling lost and very unhappy. It locks you into a box of perpetual spin with no end in sight. How then do you balance your ambition and love yourself? How do you stop “being your own worst critic?” In this keynote Brandon details his journey on how he went from a small town in Wyoming to founding and growing one of the nation’s largest real estate brokerages – living all of the ups and downs that come with that journey. He will offer some concrete practical takeaways from his soon to be released memoir on how to build a life and a career that is fulfilling.

Testimonials for Brandon Green

Brandon is an outstanding speaker. He hosted our Inman Connect event in Las Vegas and we were very pleased with how he engaged the audience, introduced our speakers, and connected all the dots to ensure a seamless top-notch production.

If you have the opportunity to hear Brandon, you must. Having founded several very successful businesses over the years, Brandon brings to the conversation a deep understanding of what it’s like to run and lead businesses today. On top of that, he’s incredibly inspirational and entertaining and keeps the audience engaged and interested throughout his presentation.
President and Co-Founder

Brandon is very articulate and is able to connect with the room in a very authentic manner. He draws on his extensive experience building businesses and teams and leaves the audience both informed and inspired.
VP of Learning
Keller Williams Realty, Inc.