Ask about Bob Carr
Key Points
  • Former Foreign Minister for Australia.
  • Helped elevate Australia’s relations with China achieving a more strategic partnership.
  • For 10 years he was Premier of New South Wales.
  • As Premier he introduced the world’s first carbon trading scheme and curbed the clearing of native vegetation as anti-greenhouse measures.
  • Was a member of the International Task Force on Climate Change convened by Tony Blair.
  • America's Future
    • How Its Strengths and Weaknesses Affect Your Business
  • Global Warming
    • The Most Serious Challenge of our Time
  • Greenhouse, Terrorism and Proliferation 
  • Imagining Catastrophe 
  • Leadership
    • An Australian Looks at the Careers of Lincoln and FDR
  • Lessons For Today From the World's Greatest Leaders 
  • The 10 Decisions Australia Got Right 
  • The Australia of 1942 and the Fall of Singapore 
  • The Case for Medical Research 
  • The Roman Empire and its Lessons for Us 
  • The Terrorist Threat: How to Survive as a Business in the New climate