02 Nov 2022

Hannah Moloney: Out and About

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Activist, permaculturalist and author Hannah Moloney is a modern-day changemaker with a formidable green thumb and powerful message of hope. Having dedicated her life to the idea that words and ideas and actions can change the world, this marvellous human is a beacon of optimism who can back up her deep insight and conviction with concrete plans and comprehensive solutions. Not only is she a staunch activist driven by radical ambition, she is a deeply moving speaker who is capable of inspiring even the most sceptical of audiences that ordinary humans are capable of doing extraordinary things, especially when they work together.

Hannah has spent more than two decades working with people in and out of the garden (or farm) to build climate resilience and advocate for effective climate action. As the founder and director of Good Life Permaculture, Tasmania’s leading permaculture design and education enterprise, Hannah has built a community around building good lives and landscapes for all. Since 2013, GLP have offered in-person workshops, free online educational sources, and landscape permaculture designs for both personal and community sustainability projects. Beyond GLP, she has helped her cherished Tasmanian hometown to live more sustainably through a range of other ventures, including the Source Community Wholefoods (Hobart’s only food cooperative), the innovative former Hobart City Farm, and Home Harvest, an annual nipaluna/Hobart edible garden tour. Of course, Hannah is also a deeply experienced urban ‘garden farmer’ in her own property where she cares for goats, chickens, bees, ducks all amongst large edible gardens and orchards.

When she’s not getting her hands dirty, Hannah is hard at work spreading her message both on and off screen as a presenter on ABC’s Gardening Australia, as a regular columnist for the Gardening Australia magazine, and as an Ambassador for Community Gardens Australia. She’s now even a bestselling author! Her 2021 publication ‘The Good Life: How To Grow A Better World’ explores how we can all live a good life in the face of the climate emergency, both as individuals and as a community. It is a truly empowering testament to both her passion and her ideology and amazingly, was reprinted three times within its first 6 months to meet demand!

Clearly people want to hear what Hannah has to say. She is deeply knowledgeable about permaculture design, sustainability and resilience, building community projects and connections, and most importantly, how to live a good life in the face of the climate emergency.

Bold, bright, funny and engaging, Hannah Moloney is an incredible speaker who combines searing intellect with raw humanism to motivate, move and inspire. On her quest for radical change, she hopes to empower everybody to take more control over their lives and the future of the planet by inspiring individual and collective action towards whole system change. We at ICMI think everybody needs to hear what our Exclusive speaker Hannah has to say, and it’s a joy to share her enthusiasm for not only living sustainably, but truly enjoying herself while she does it.

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